After consuming copious amounts of…everything this weekend (I recall some pizza, thai and at least a vineyard of wine), I decided it was time to start my week off healthier.


Back when I did Whole30 (don’t do it, you can’t drink wine; whatever that’s about), I used to eat chia and fruit every morning.

Actually it might have been for my second breakfast because my first one usually left me starving.


Mix chia, milk of your choice, sweetener and vanilla extract.


 It’s no choco-chip pancakes with a side of mimosas (no orange juice please) but does pack a powerful anti-oxidant punch.

And is surprisingly decent good.

nomnom…Collard Green Wraps

DSC_0010After a week of vacation (no more rum punch ever please) followed by a week of birthday girl celebrations, I need a smidge of a healthy restart.

My body will thank me, actually it’s begging me desperately for it.


So after spending a morning of juicing cucumbers, ginger and lemons to make a detox water (actually juicing only took two minutes, whereas the rest of the morning was spent cleaning my juicer), I started in on lunch.


On Pinterest (honestly where else?) I have been seeing people sub-out carbs for various veggies for clean eating.  Use sweet potatoes instead on buns for sliders (tried that one), bell peppers instead of chips for nachos (no thanks, nachos are literally perfect as is) and collard greens as to make wraps.


So I made some lemon-oregano chicken for The Boyfriend, added some hummus from the greek place around the corner and various chopped veggies.

Perfect way to kick-start a healthy week.  But then I realized it’s already Thursday and I’m meeting a friend for cocktails tonight.  Well, you gotta start somewhere.


nomnom…Roasted Cabbage

Weekends derail my attempts at eating healthy.

There’s always something about margaritas on a sunny patio.  But never fail, come Monday, we are back on track.


I found the recipe for this on one of the various blogs/websites I read daily and have been meaning to make it.  I went to the grocery store yesterday and cabbage was 2/$1.  The Boyfriend pointed out it’s probably because cabbage is so gross.DSC_0009

Anything this simple quickly becomes a favorite in my cooking repetoire.  I made a mix of lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and salt & pepper.  Oven.  Done.


And The Boyfriend is wrong.  Cabbage is not gross.  It’s pretty good.

It’s no Oreo malt from around the corner good, but then again, nothing is.

nomnom…healthy(ish) again


I have been craving mexican food but since we are planning a beach trip, I’ve been trying to hold the queso.  Have I been successful?  No.  But like I said, I’ve been working on it.


But in-between trips to fuel up on tacos, we’ve been trying to eat better.  ‘Eat clean’ I believe is what people are saying.


So I made mexican inspired sliders.  I consider salsa a food group and decided to try my hand on making my own.  Fresh ingredients and all that.

I used the basics, diced roma tomatoes, cilantro, serrano peppers,onion, lime and garlic.  Blender.  Done.


Then found a Whole30 version of sliders on Pinterest (where else), sweet potato bun, grass fed beef patty, scrambled eggs and topped with my homemade salsa.


And my vegetarian version.

Now I just need to find a healthy recipe for nachos and my life would be complete.

nomnomnom…Saturday Breakfast


It’s time to use all the food in the house before I head to the grocery store this afternoon.


Still eating Whole30, I made quick sautéed sweet potatoes, onion, jalapeños with poached eggs on top.

Now off to the grocery store again.

nomnomnom…Edamame ‘Hummus’



Several years ago when traveling in Houston, I had to eat by myself at a sushi restaurant; it was my first time ever eating alone.

And I remember while leaving thinking that I must make for some boring company (I couldn’t even keep myself entertained, I think I read like eight magazines), I also left with a new way to make hummus.


It’s super simple.

Anything where the food processor does all the work and I don’t have to go near the oven is always especially great.


Not to mention it’s Whole30 friendly.

Replace chickpeas with edamame then add lemon, garlic, cilantro and olive oil.

edamame hummus


Foodies…Tortilla Soup


After the absolute diet disaster that was the holidays, with cookies and cocktails at every turn, my body started craving something fresh and healthy.

And some wine.

DSC_0008{fresh cilantro}

Looking through recipe book after recipe book, I finally decided on a whole30 version on tortilla soup.

Super easy, just lots of prep work…


I started with a base of onions, carrots, red bell pepper, roasted poblanos, jalapeño and tomatoes.  DSC_0016

Sauté all together til soft.


Add 4 cups vegetable broth and a little tomato paste, simmer for 20 minutes.  I used a spice blend of cumin, San Antonio chili powder and red pepper flakes.


Of course I had to make a little pico to garnish.  Mine was vegan but added a little grilled chicken for The Boyfriend.


Super delicious and very light.


Oh, and most importantly I got to use my new adorable little owl measuring cups.

Now about that wine…


Tea Party…

tea set

Being on the Whole30 diet, you’re kind of limited in what you can drink.

Alcohol?  No.  Sigh.  Anything with any type of sugar added is prohibited, think soft drinks, juices, etc.  Even 100% juice is frowned upon, which I’m ok with.  I take my mimosas with no orange juice please.

teasSo today, our weekly buy the grocery store out of produce day, I decided to pick up a couple loose leaf teas to try.  I’ve always thought ‘tea drinkers’ a little odd, why drink tea when you can have coffee or wine?  But lately when at the grocery, I find myself gravitating towards the spice, vinegar and tea section.   I’ve found since the list of foods I can eat is limited, I need to mix up my spice routine a little to add flavors.

teas-2I’ve decided on trying Superfruit Acai Green Tea today, and it’s surprisingly amazing.  It’s a gorgeous pink color (love it already) and lightly flavored.  Gives me a reason to use my grandmothers tea set.  And my new elephant tea pot I picked up 20 minutes after I decided I was now going to be a tea drinker.

Next, more kombucha cocktails for college football watching.



Whole30…Day One

whole30- fresh food

Today marks day #1 of my month long foray into the Whole30 diet.

I’m nervously excited.  What with all the traveling, eating out, cocktailing out, college football, etcetcetc, my body needs a reset.


So after multiple trips to the grocery store and farmers market this weekend, I think we’re ready.  My normal routine is to start every morning with 12 grain rye bread with peanut butter but, alas, that is no more.  As is quinoa, all gluten, all sugar, all alcohol (eeekkk), no dairy among many, many others.  It’s a little stricter than paleo, which being vegetarian I had never tried but heard nothing but positive reviews from friends.

ramey claret

But as a last hurrah in preparation of not drinking for the next month, we went a an amazing little italian BYOB restaurant with my favorite bottle of wine.

It always feels a little high school bringing alcohol somewhere stuffed in my purse.

whole30-coffeeBut fortunately, while I might not be able to drink wine or start my morning with peanut butter, I can still start it with black coffee.

My only link to my old gluttonous self…