cosmic kitties…

charlotte olympia kitty

I joke that I’m a ‘cat lady’ but am growing concerned that little joke may hit a little too close to home.  I might need to edit the number of President Kitty pics I have currently on Instagram.

pretty kitty

 But regardless of my smooth sailing into ‘cat lady’ status, I’m pretty sure my wardrobe is requiring a pair of ‘pretty kitty’ by Charlotte Olympia from the Kitty & co. collection.

charlotte olympia zodiac flats

And also a pair of Gemini flats from the Cosmic collection.

My horoscope informed me that starting in August my life will be free of strife.  As wonderful as that sounds, it makes me a smidge nervous regarding my remaining two weeks of July.

I guess I can just slip on a pair of ‘pretty kittys’ and hope for the cosmic best.

Beauty…Damaged Hair Treatments

Last September, I turned my waist length dark brown hair into shoulder length platinum hair.  The shoulder length part was not by choice, more out of necessity.  I did all this over the course of three weeks, think several 6-8 hour sessions, and my hair was damaged beyond repair and the length had to go.

To say I’m fond of hair products, masks in particular, would be an understatement (similar to my love of mascara, one can never have enough mascara).   When I had long hair, it was a constant struggle to keep it healthy and shiny.  Especially the ends.

Now that I have bleach blonde hair (I loathe that term, sounds like I should be wearing acid wash jeans and a crop top), my constant struggle is just to keep my hair connected to my head.  And for the record, I do like a good crop top so maybe that description isn’t too far off the mark.


I have tried everything under the sun, and after trial and error, here are my two loves:  coconut oil & my Oribe moisture mask.  I have my hair colored at Maison de Cheveux in New Orleans and want to kiss my stylist for suggesting these.

While contemplating the idea to change my hair color, the only testimonials I could find online (I did crazy amounts of research) were mostly stories from high schoolers (honestly the day I start taking advice from high schoolers…) and people who had accidents (i.e.- bleached their hair off).

Best thing in the world I do for my hair is sleeping in a coconut oil mask. The (ever-charming) Boyfriend refers to it as “goo-head” but you would be surprised how easy it is to ignore someone on the pursuit to better hair.

farmers markets & flowers…

brit july14 fresh cut

I did another pop-up floral shop for a farmers market this weekend.

brit july 14 antiqueAnd after spending the week antique shopping, I had found some amazing pieces for fresh cut arrangements.  Like, olive oil tins, antique tea canisters, etc.


And vintage cigar boxes for cactus & succulents.

I have way too many hobbies…



happy fourth…

chia breakfast


In the spirit of trying to be healthy, I’ve taken to eating chia and fresh fruit for breakfast.  And in the spirit of the fourth, I color coordinated my breakfast.

This time last year I think I already had a cocktail in my hand out on a boat somewhere, so this seems like a step in the right (less fun) direction.

Happy Fourth!

a kitchen must have…

Like a moth to flame, Etsy and I have a dangerous relationship.

french quarter jewel dish But when you come across amazing little pieces like this, it makes it all worth my current credit card bill.

A simple kitchen dish, detailed with a rendering of classic architecture from the French Quarter.

Wander Sketch

antique shopping…

Along my running path this morning, I found cluster of antique shops and restoration stores.

Kind of like a mix of junk slash refinished antiques.antique store

Truly the type of stores I need to stay out of.  I’m not sure how much “junk” one can own, but apparently it’s a lot.

pink cabinet- antique

And I have another flower market coming up this weekend so I’ve been looking for little antique/vintage pots and containers for flowers and herbs.

junk- antique store

Which unfortunately leads to the thought process, “well this would look good in my house.”

Or “let’s spray paint that neon pink.”  It’s alarming how many things I want to spray paint pink.  Actually, it’s alarming how many things I’ve already spray painted pink.

flamingo- antique store

I mean, a neon pink flamingo?  Don’t hate it…


Stella McCartney Knickers



I have been having the overwhelming desire to upgrade my lingerie drawer.

And while on this search (on the slightly less sexy side), I found day of the week knickers by Stella McCartney at Net-A-Porter.