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weekend plans…

My mom is coming in town again this weekend, being an interior designer she’s been really insightful as to what direction we should be taking design-wise with the house.  Actually, I’m pretty opinionated so when our opinions align, then she’s incredibly insightful.

I think as all daughters do, I set up a list of shopping, cocktails and general shenanigans to keep us busy.  Not to mention paint color picking and landscaping (but I wont tell her that til she gets here).

shopping list

So early Saturday morning, I pick up her up from the Louis Armstrong airport and we’re off.  Antique shopping on Magazine St, lunch at La Petite Grocery and then running errands at Anthro & Sephora (my fave kind of errands).

Oh, and cocktails.

Lots of cocktails…

to my never ending summer…

Thank goodness I moved to New Orleans because I think summer ends in mid December.  That’s about when the temperature drops to around a cool 65.

hammock- pinkBut in the warmer, sunnier meantime, I found the perfect backyard accessory.

Handmade in Nicaragua, these hammocks are hand crafted by a family who have been doing this for decades.

hammock- purp

{TCU hammock}

hammock- white

Hammocks make me nervous, like a dog on an elevator type situation.  A little too gravity defying for my tastes.  There’s always a concern about a hammock suddenly deciding to drop me to the hard ground.

But these woven, 100% cotton styles can each hold up to 450 pounds or three people (sounds like three pretty large people sitting in a hammock together).

So my fear has been abated.

sleepie nico

So maybe I can finally get this guy to stop jumping up on the bed and jump on a hammock.  Fortunately he’s only 40 pounds, so he and I can invite 10 of our friends to join us for cocktails on our new hammock.  Maybe we’ll invite President Kitty if everyone is feeling amicable.

Oh and they’re only $45-80.  I’ve been looking for a new dining room table, so maybe this could be a cheaper seating alternative to the mid-century modern chairs I’ve been eyeing.

I’m thinking pink.  Obviously.

Maria Hammocks

where is my office…

officeMoving when you work from home is less than ideal.

It took days to figure out which boxes were which, and it makes you quickly realize how much junk you actually own.  In my case, I realized I mostly only own junk.

office desk

But finally, in a box someone labeled kitchen, I found all my jewelry/office/shipping things and set up shop.  Judging by the handwriting, that someone was me.

Apparently moving is not my strong suit.

bathroom plans

So now I can resume my life of designing jewelry with the added task of designing bathrooms.  Maybe I should become a general contractor.  I can take southern Louisiana by storm, building houses in stylish jewels.

new digs…

Maybe it was that weekend of non-stop marathon HGTV watching.

Or the fact my mom is an interior designer so it hits a little close to home.

But regardless of the whys, The Boyfriend and I bought a house in New Orleans and have decided to get all ‘Property Brothers’ Louisiana-style.  I think it’s the gemini in me.  I love a new project.

And I’ve learned buying a house supplies one with lots of new projects.


Previous to this past week or so, my knowledge of outfitting a home was rather limited.  However this week, I can quote you hardwood flooring prices and teach you how to remove hideous floral wallpaper.

That and I found a new love of landscaping.  Actually “love” might be rather strong, but I can plant a plant.


{antique cut glass doors}

Aside from the pink carpet (which is in every room including bathrooms) not to mention the pink toilets and bathtubs, the house has wonderful bones we hope to build from.  Hopefully I won’t lose my mind in the process; I’m learning all this can be rather stressful.

Like moving from Texas to Louisiana.  It might as well have been to the other side of the world as smoothly as that arrangement went.


cosmic kitties…

charlotte olympia kitty

I joke that I’m a ‘cat lady’ but am growing concerned that little joke may hit a little too close to home.  I might need to edit the number of President Kitty pics I have currently on Instagram.

pretty kitty

 But regardless of my smooth sailing into ‘cat lady’ status, I’m pretty sure my wardrobe is requiring a pair of ‘pretty kitty’ by Charlotte Olympia from the Kitty & co. collection.

charlotte olympia zodiac flats

And also a pair of Gemini flats from the Cosmic collection.

My horoscope informed me that starting in August my life will be free of strife.  As wonderful as that sounds, it makes me a smidge nervous regarding my remaining two weeks of July.

I guess I can just slip on a pair of ‘pretty kittys’ and hope for the cosmic best.

Beauty…Damaged Hair Treatments

Last September, I turned my waist length dark brown hair into shoulder length platinum hair.  The shoulder length part was not by choice, more out of necessity.  I did all this over the course of three weeks, think several 6-8 hour sessions, and my hair was damaged beyond repair and the length had to go.

To say I’m fond of hair products, masks in particular, would be an understatement (similar to my love of mascara, one can never have enough mascara).   When I had long hair, it was a constant struggle to keep it healthy and shiny.  Especially the ends.

Now that I have bleach blonde hair (I loathe that term, sounds like I should be wearing acid wash jeans and a crop top), my constant struggle is just to keep my hair connected to my head.  And for the record, I do like a good crop top so maybe that description isn’t too far off the mark.


I have tried everything under the sun, and after trial and error, here are my two loves:  coconut oil & my Oribe moisture mask.  I have my hair colored at Maison de Cheveux in New Orleans and want to kiss my stylist for suggesting these.

While contemplating the idea to change my hair color, the only testimonials I could find online (I did crazy amounts of research) were mostly stories from high schoolers (honestly the day I start taking advice from high schoolers…) and people who had accidents (i.e.- bleached their hair off).

Best thing in the world I do for my hair is sleeping in a coconut oil mask. The (ever-charming) Boyfriend refers to it as “goo-head” but you would be surprised how easy it is to ignore someone on the pursuit to better hair.