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remodel…modernizing greek columns

When we bought this house, the exterior was/is contemporary but the interior had an odd pink Greek revival theme going on.  Everything about this drove me crazy.  So I decided to change it all.  But the hardest of all was deciding what to do about the columns.

At first I wanted them all removed.  Clearly they’re ridiculous looking.  Even the floor guy with tattoos on his neck and fingers told me they were dumb looking.  Honestly though the day I start taking design advice from him is the day I starting giving him advice on laying floors.

But no one could tell me which were load bearing.  As I type this, I’m giggling.   This fashion major throwing out terms like “load bearing” and “joint compound” like I used to say “fit and flare” and “knife pleat trim”.

Oh how the times have changed…


Then when no one could give me the answer I wanted (which would have sounded like “not a single column is load bearing and let’s remove them immediately) I decided to wrap them.  Then I was informed by this worthless idiot who calls himself a general contractor it would be $400 a column to wrap them in a more modern style.

Well, had I only two columns I might have been able to swing it but seeing as this room looks like a greek column store I didn’t have the budget for modernizing my columns.


Then I decided to paint them.

It took some test runs, my first color choice (taupe) was horrendous which then led me to be concerned I was making huge mistake in general.  So I decided to give it one more try (because honestly can’t look much worse than it already did) and went with a dark brown.  An old based semi-gloss similar to the color I had stained the bar, bannister and office walls.

living room

The floor guy told me “in his opinion” he would have gone with taupe and I politely informed him I didn’t give a shit about his opinion.

In the end, I love the columns.  dining room

I think it modernizes the place.  But after spending three entire days painting columns, I might just be a little biased.


“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”  Aaron Rose

In my ongoing struggle to bring this house into the 21st century, I’ve found simple things to have the greatest impact.  One coat of paint and redefine and entire room.  Same thought goes for a single lighting fixture.

Here’s the lovely before…

chandelier 3

to the lovelier after…

chandelierChandeliers, while rather specific, are my favorite.  We bought a contemporary style home to remodel and I thought this would be a perfect piece, keeping in touch with the modern/contemporary look I’ve been striving to achieve.

And imagine my surprise when I received the box in the mail only to find someone has attach all the hundreds of pieces of crystal.  Truly most fun I’ve had short of setting myself on fire.  chandelier 2

The electrician, with hands the size of oven mitts I might add, reluctantly offered to do it.   I politely declined this gracious offer, which I’m sure would have cost an extra $800 in labor at the expense of several broken pieces of crystal.

To which I then picked up the first piece and promptly dropped it on the ground, only to watch it shatter into no less than one million shards.  Fortunately they do supply you with ONE extra piece, which I found to be rather optimistic on their part.

But after a careful two hours, I have a new chandelier.  And only minor cuts on my hands from cleaning up all the glass.




christmas came early…

My life will never be the same.

Brilliantly, I decided to do my Christmas shopping earlier than Christmas Eve this year.  I’m currently working on trying to reduce the amount of stress in my life.  Baby steps.

I asked each family member for a list, so while perusing the internets for waders for the fly fisherman in my life (lesson learned, don’t ask people what they want) I found a 20% off coupon for a Keurig.

IMG_0406So happy early Christmas to me.  Except for the fact I’m pretty sure my general contractor threw my old one away (I need to keep closer eye on him).

Now back to looking at waders online.

After which I’m headed over to my contractor’s house to throw away his coffee maker.


remodel…staircase final

Here is a link to the blog post describing the hell that is sanding and staining a staircase.

remodel…stairs from the 70’s

me and stainAnd here is me covered in stain.  Real pain to get off.

So two befores of our lovely 70’s stairs…

pink stairs 2
Pink champagne walls and carpet.

And that bizarre chandelier which has since shattered into at least 7 million pieces.

pink stairs

Also note the lovely laminate accenting pale oak wood.

Oh and the valences.

kitty stairsBut my helper and I trudged through.

We sanded, stained, cried, drank and meowed our way to the final product.

new stairs 2Dark hardwoods have replaced our pink carpet with beige Berber running up the stairs.

new stairs

Now I need to find someone who cleans mirrors and floors.  By the looks of these pictures, apparently I’m not terribly good at it.  Unfortunately for me that means I’ll have to stick with staining.

But on a positive note, after six weeks I think it’s almost out of my hair.

homeward bound…

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset


As much as I love traveling, I really like sleeping in my own bed.  And it’s finally time to stop adding a mimosa to my breakfast order everyday.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

And I brought back the obligatory souvenirs (t-shirts, coffee and the obvious cutting board shaped like a pineapple) but wanted something unique.

Like potato chip chocobars and a hand carved wooden tiki god bottle opener.

What more could someone need?

American Airlines vs Mai Tais…


The best way to put a damper on your vacation is to battle royale with American Airlines at 7am.

But I am stronger than I look, I will not be defeated by American.

So as much as I love sitting in the middle seat for 8 hours, as we all would, I finally haggled my way into an aisle seat.  It only cost me my first born but I guess the lucky (or unlucky) person who gets my old seat gets to keep all their kids.


So what does one do after a stressful morning of arguing and coffee?

I don’t know about other people but I’m going to the pool.


I’m not quite sure how, but after 8 days of being here, on a beach, I still have no tan.  I’ll try and remedy that at the pool this afternoon.  With a Mai Tai.

With two Mai Tais.