valentine’s day essentials…


All I really want for Valentine’s is someone to rub my shoulders and a bottle of wine.

But here are some other gorgeous little necessities for the big day.


Normally, The Boyfriend and I are rather anti- NYE & Valentine’s Day.  A couple of my least favorite things usually happen on these holidays~ crowds, waiting and prix-fixe menus, just to name a couple.  Especially prix-fixe menus.

Waaay to picky for that nonsense.


{ bobbi pins from Anthro}

But this year, I had a change of heart; cocktails and dinner can’t be too bad.  Although I haven’t tried to make reservations yet, so maybe I’m being a little optimistic.

But my hair will look good while we wait; I’m thinking messy bun.

After an hour or so of cocktails and waiting for a table, “messy” will be inevitable.  I’d rather start with “artfully messy” than end with “cocktail messy.”

So I’m a bit Girlie-Girl…


As I put together valentine packages for my little nieces, it dawned on me that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.

So I rifled through my drawer of 800 nail polishes of varying shades of the same color and put together a combo of mink and pink for the big day.

V-Day Nails

I must follow too many boutiques and fashion types on Instagram, because my feeds have been full of ‘What to Wear for Valentine’s’ type posts.  Red dresses paired with matching sky-high stilettos, crazy valentine’s manicures with glitter hearts or something equally outlandish paired with ruby-red glossed lips, and so on…and on.

While it may seem a little over the top to me, maybe it’s I who needs to update my outlook.  I do work in fashion, I should probably be more fashionable.

V-Day Nails-2

So I made my way to the Dior counter at Neimans.  I was explaining to the guy who was trying to sell me foundations that I don’t really like to wear much make-up.  “You know, like super sheer, non-existent barely tinted moisturizer.  Along those lines.”

I was then informed by this apparently well informed makeup man that I’m not getting any younger (ouch) and “it doesn’t hurt to slap a little paint on the barn.”


Valentines-gold ncklaces

{Chanel Rose Éclat; jewels~ M Elizabeth Designs}

While I did not “slap any paint on the barn” (I swear that will forever be ingrained in my head) I do have two pink nails and ‘slapped on’ some neon pink lipstick.

That’s all Saint Valentine is getting from me.

Valentine’s…It’s Lingerie Time

I love gorgeous lingerie.

Something about how delicate all the lace and chiffon is; just so very ethereal.

La Perla Fall Presentation

{a peek at La Perla’s Fall 2013 Fashion Week Presentation}

My best friend sent me the website for Journelle, a Manhattan based lingerie company, which sells designers such as Stella McCartney, La Perla and Eberjey (my fave), among many many others.

Hanky Panky

{Hanky Panky pastel poppy print}

Loungewear, shapewear, pieces for everyday or if you’re looking for the more exotic; you name it, they have it.  My friend and I must have collectively spent hours on here drooling over french lace and granters.

Zinke Romper

{Zinke Daisy Jumper}

I want everything, bras, panties, chemises (ooohhhh, I love chemises), lace robes…even those funny little things to ‘lift and enhance’ for backless.

I’ll be in NY soon and they have a shop in the Upper East Side; Daisy Jumper here I come.

Date Night…Valentine’s Day Glitter

{Essie- Sand Tropez & A Cut Above}

I was in Vegas for Valentine’s Day so The Boyfriend and I postponed celebrating until last night.  We had drinks at a fun bar and dinner at one of our favorite restaurants..

Sadly I am one of those girls that wears pink (it is my favorite color) so I put on glitter Loubous, glitter polish (thanks to my Target extravaganza the other day) and a backless pink lace dress and was ready to go.

After the longest week ever, I just wanted a little fun…