Margo goes Blondo….er.

more blondes

After non-stop traveling the last several weeks, my hair needed a re-do.

I leave tomorrow for Mardi Gras and wanted to make sure my hair was as blonde as it could be.  My track record for catching beads as a brunette is pretty dismal (zero to date), so I’m hoping this will be the catalyst that changes everything.


So almost three hours of Cosmo/Vogue/InStyle reading later…

blonde hair

I’m ready for more travel.

New Orleans here I come.

In the New Year…

new years


{kate spade planner and coin purse}

I always have lofty goals in the new year.  Some come to fruition.  Most don’t.

So this year, all I have in mind is to have a great and eventful year.   I have a new planner and a champagne wallet and we are ready to go places.

The Boyfriend and I have decided on more travel and to be more adventurous.  I won’t let experiences pass me by this year.

Here’s to a good one…

The Holidays & Apple Pie

photo 2

For the holidays, we came to visit family in New Orleans.

One of my favorite places to go and always I especially love it around the holidays.

photo 1

Apparently everyone is on a health kick lately, so we looked up paleo-friendly, sugar-free, and so on and so on, recipes to replace the tried and true holiday favorites.

I was in charge of helping with the pecan crusted cinnamon apple tart.  I helped by slicing all the apples and then by eating most of the apples.  I’m not the best helper.

I also had a glass of wine while doing all this so I also can’t really speak for my craftsmanship.


Spring 2014 is in the Chilly Air…


Dallas makes me think of two things.  Hair appointments and fashion.

One I like significantly more than the other.


It’s hard working a couple seasons before the actually time of the year.  For example, I’m looking at a gorgeous collection of Spring ’14 chiffons and lace but am doing so wearing leather knee boots and a cashmere sweater.   I think it’s messing with my mind.

Dallas Market

But I have some bad news.  Apparently leather is still trending for spring.

It’s never ending…

Summer Break for Adults…

As it inevitably does in fashion, my work slows down this time of year and around Christmastime.  It’s like being in school, I have a summer and winter break.  I haven’t decided if this is a good thing or a really bad thing but I’m currently letting myself believe it’s a good one.

I’ve been trying to put a list together of some things to do over my “summer break” (dear Lord, The Boyfriend is going to kill me when he hears I’m on a three month self-imposed vacay) and came up with some pretty good ideas.






since last year I chucked my Nikon in favor of iPhone pics.  Need to look into swapping back…





since the last thing I sewed was a pair of ill-fitting men’s pajamas in college…





to get the creative juices flowing, like a creative kick in the rear…




wine glasses

no need for a description, love me some wine…




Rosetta Stone

and by french lessons, I mean finish the french lessons I started last year…


I have three months.  Time to get back to work…

Top 5…Paris Fashion Week

My gorgeous top five from last week’s Autumn/Winter 2013 shows in Paris…

Alexis Mabille a:w 13

{Alexis Mabille}

Ulyana Sergenko a:w 13

{Ulyana Sergeenko}

Elie Saab a:w 13

{Elie Saab}

Maison Martin Margiela a:w 13

{Maison Martin Margiela}

valentino a:w 13


While in Paris I tried to convince The Boyfriend to go to a Haute Couture exhibit with me.  We didn’t end up going but we did manage to recently make our way to the official UFO Museum in Roswell on our way to Santa Fe.  Trust me, I don’t miss the irony in that one.

So I’m back to refreshing my french and saving my euros.  Haute Couture Museum in Paris, here I come…

Miracle Mud…Santa Fe

Miracle Mud- church


{El Santuario de Chimayo}

Normally while in Santa Fe, I just eat and drink my way through the city.  Margaritas and christmas style everything.  But this time I managed to accomplish a couple of other things while continuing to eating and margarita my way through.

After a hike at Nanbé (my legs are still sore), we went to a little sanctuary located in Chimayo known for its countless miracles spanning the past several hundred years.  Walls of the church are lined in crutches and hundreds of pictures, signs of past miracles left for travels to see.

Miracle Mud- ziplock

You stand in a short line to get into a small room with a little hole in the ground about the size of a watermelon.  You dig out a little dirt (or a lot, seeing as someone showed up with a gallon milk jug) from the ever-replenishing site.  We rummaged through the car and finally found a couple zip locks and made our way in.

Miracle Mud

Once I got home I realized I can’t keep a ziplock of dirt lying around, regardless that it’s miraculous qualities.  So I found a little antique hand painted japanese clay pot my grandmother gave me.  Now my little miracle holder.

Mental Health Day…Sephora

Every once in a while I need a mental health day.

I was thinking that as I get older my need for one would be fewer and farther between, but as I’m beginning to notice I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Instead I find myself in the middle of Kansas, standing in a shopping center in 100 degree heat asking myself, “what in the hell am I doing here?” (not existentially but more in the literal sense).   As you can see, my work trip ended up not terribly successful and I wasn’t taking it well.

So with the sun blazing in my face and dread washing over me as the thoughts of a seven hour drive ahead of me rattled around my head, I had an epiphany.

I was standing in front of a Sephora. It would be a good day after all.


false lashes


Once I realized I already had a seven hour drive ahead of me, I figured, honestly whats another hour?   So I took my time and bought completely unnecessary and absolutely essential beauty products.  Self tanner?  Of course.  Various hues of pink bobby pins?  Not a second thought.  But most needed were some new mink lashes.  Lashes are always an unnecessary essential.

So beginning hour two in Sephora I remembered I needed new perfume.  I’ve always been an ardent wearer of Coco Mademoiselle, basically since I began wearing perfume.  I have purse spray, travel spray, parfum, eau de toilette, etc; I am ready for any occasion I might need to smell gorgeous.

But standing in front of hundreds of bottles of perfume I realized I was completely out.  Where had my zealotry over Coco Mademoiselle gone?  I think it was my subconscious telling me something.

Tom Ford- Violet Blonde

It was at that pivotal point in Wichita, Kansas, I realized it was time for a change.

It was an odd disconnect with who I had been before, a girl who hates change and resigned herself to the same perfume for eternity, and  a new me trying to come to the forefront.  I brazenly stepped forward to accept the change (‘brazenly’ after debating in my head for 20 minutes)  and bought ‘Violet Blonde’ by Tom Ford.

But apparently, as The Boyfriend pointed out this morning, the new me smells like old ladies and baby powder.  Oh, change.  It isn’t always for the best.


Milk Solves Nothing…

While roaming my way through Oklahoma this week, I had a little time to myself in Tulsa.  After leaving an adorable boutique over on Cherry Street, I stumbled across The White Owl.



I mean, is 2:30 too early for a glass of Sauvignon Blanc?  Probably, but I had nothing else to do and the White Owl was calling.


alcohol solves problems


Once inside, I decided to maximize my lack of productivity and browse Pinterest on my phone, which is where I came across this gem.

It’s true.  Milk will solve none of life’s problems…try Sauvignon Blanc.