mardi grasMy Sunday took a turn for the lazier when I decided to bring The Boyfriend with me to the grocery store.  This is when I find things like $20 bison jerky or a family sized box of Fruity Pebbles in my cart.  He discreetly puts them in, I less discreetly toss them out.

But here we are, 9am on Sunday, with King Cake and Mardi Gras beer (which tastes like cheap beads mixed in with poor choices).

Must Have…Buy Me Brunch

buy me brunch


So…I’m pretty sure I need this.

 I’m thinking, paired with my cute school girl pleated black Cynthia Steffe skirt and over the knee socks.That in addition to the complimentary mimosa brunch place across the street and I think I’m set for Sundays.

Hope it comes in more than one color, I’m going to need more than one.