I Must Have…Durban Decor

I am obsessed with this glassware line.


Durban- Spiked Mug

{spiked pink splatter beer mug; $24}

I seem to always be saying this, but I found this on Instagram.

I need to follow a news program and then Instagram would be my go-to for complete media access.

Durban- Spike Coffe Mug

{spiked coffee mug; $15}

It was this coffee mug that first caught my attention; it’s simple, yet reflective of my mood in the mornings pre-coffee consumption.  Love the gold spikes in contrast to white, but then I found a play on my ultimate obsession~ Warhol.

Durban- Warhol

{warhol inspired stemless wine glasses; $40}

I have the gun print in our hallway and the banana print in our bathroom.  And I spent an hour in the kitchen this morning cleaning out all the junk trying to declutter.  Thank god because now I have more room for all these new glasses.

Especially these…

Durban- Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Star Wars Wine Glasses!

The woman behind the line is incredibly talented, she creates custom pieces (think bridesmaids, weddings, etc) but also has tons to choose from on her website.  Ironic pieces, i.e. Star Wars Kitty, muppets, etc, but also you can choose your fave sports team (loved the Lakers glasses) and Audrey Hepburn.

I think the Kitty glasses will look great next to my Baccarat on the bar cart.

Check out www.duban-decor.com for more.