remodel…staircase final

Here is a link to the blog post describing the hell that is sanding and staining a staircase.

remodel…stairs from the 70’s

me and stainAnd here is me covered in stain.  Real pain to get off.

So two befores of our lovely 70’s stairs…

pink stairs 2
Pink champagne walls and carpet.

And that bizarre chandelier which has since shattered into at least 7 million pieces.

pink stairs

Also note the lovely laminate accenting pale oak wood.

Oh and the valences.

kitty stairsBut my helper and I trudged through.

We sanded, stained, cried, drank and meowed our way to the final product.

new stairs 2Dark hardwoods have replaced our pink carpet with beige Berber running up the stairs.

new stairs

Now I need to find someone who cleans mirrors and floors.  By the looks of these pictures, apparently I’m not terribly good at it.  Unfortunately for me that means I’ll have to stick with staining.

But on a positive note, after six weeks I think it’s almost out of my hair.