Noir et Blanc…

Oscar de la Renta- PaperCity

Unless you have been hiding in an unfashionable hole, it has been hard to not notice the major black and white trend for Spring ’13.

And as I read in the PaperCity Magazine draped across my lap, black and white is everywhere.

Chanel clutch- Papercity

Apparently I need to go shopping.

Flouro for Spring ’13…

Sitting on my couch reading Vogue and drinking pinot (otherwise known as my regular evening routine), I came across an article about make-up trends for Spring ’13.

Normally I don’t pay too much attention unless it’s about mascara or glosses (I’m a lash and lip girl), but I was ecstatic to see fluorescents are the new thing.

Vogue- Flouro

To say I love neon pink would be an epic understatement, like saying I like fruity pebbles in my frozen yogurt.  I love fruity pebbles in my frozen yogurt.

Pink day planner, wallet, lip gloss…the list is on-going and it’s endless.

OCC Lip Tar- Nylon

I came across this lip gloss from OCC via Pinterest and ordered from Sephora.  Highly pigmented with a slight hint of metallic sheen.  I’m a little nervous about the goo-factor considering the name ‘Tar’ but if the color is that gorgeous in person, I can deal with goo.

A friend of mine gave me her old Chanel lipstick, sadly now out of production, which sounds strange to take someone else’s lipstick but the color was so amazing I couldn’t say no.  It was a cream matte and in a bright bold pink.  I loved it until the day I had one too many glasses of chardonnay with friends and left it on a patio.

Pink lipstick…you will be missed.

Chanel L'Eclatante

So to relieve my agony over losing the best lipstick ever, I went to Neimans to see what new things Chanel had to offer.  To replace the old color I had, apparently other people had been asking as well, they now offer L’Eclatante.  A new neon pink creme lipstick.


Chanel- Spring 13 Nails

They also have these gorgeous new nail colors for Spring ’13.  They always have the best colors, old-school Vamp still being my personal fave.

Spring…I’ll be ready.

A Little Edge for Spring ’13…



I had a ‘Mother/Daughter Day’ shopping jewels for my upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.   I always like taking her with me; she’s honest.  Sometimes brutally so, which is fortunate (or unfortunate depending on my mood) because it’s so easy to get stuck in a design habit.

It’s nice having a little extra insight.

photo 3

My style has always been decidedly girlie.  Short dresses, lace, pink~ you name it, it defines my look.  And while this has always been reflected in my jewelry design, I’m aiming to be a little edgier for Spring/Summer 2013.  It’s turning out to be a little harder than I had anticipated; it’s like going against a girlie force of nature.

rose gold skulls


 The process has been made easier with my finds of gorgeous metal-esque looking pyrite, darker more intense stones and little skull details (albeit in rose gold).  So hopefully this will add a little depth to the collection.

Baby steps.

meddlesome moth


Then, as our ‘Mother/Daughter Days’ often go, we stopped by a cafe in the design district for some sauvignon blanc and catching up.  Perfect way to end our shopping day…

Marchesa Spring 2013…


Rich in color and bold in designs, with influence drawn from India, Marchesa Spring ’13 looks absolutely incredible.   The use of lace, chiffon, hand embroidery; the collection is classic Marchesa.

Very red-carpet worthy.

After attending my first indian wedding last weekend, I was able to see all the vivid color, embroidery and intricate detail that goes into a traditional indian sari.  With similar sentiment here, the collection is completely over the top and I absolutely adore.

Marchesa Spring 2013



Marc Jacobs & Edie Sedgwick…

My love of Edie Sedgwick’s style is right up there comparing to my love of tulle and rose colored chiffon.


Marc Jacobs drew inspiration from the stye icon for his Spring ’13 collections, down to the make-up.  Overdrawn brow, heavy kohl eye and teased hair finished off the sixties aesthetic.

My fave look above, here’s a link to the show.


Erin Fetherston~ Spring 2013

Erin Fetherston has continued to be one of my favorite designers over the years.  In part due to my intense love of girlie fashions but also in part due to her ability to cut the girlieness with a hint of tough chic.  Or so she did for Spring ’13.

Leather and chiffon (a fabulous contrast in my book), mixed with body conscious minis and show stopping floor maxis.  Bright pops of color combined with subtle shades of blush.  I’m was enthralled.

Blush hued feather dress?  Yes, please…


Fashion Week~ Spring 2013

Ironically as the weather in Texas finally starts to cool, it’s time to think about trends for Spring ’13.  Mid way through Fashion Week, I’m impatiently waiting some of my favorite designers coming later in the week.  Highlights to come.

{photos,; Jason Wu Show}

And I was just getting excited about finally being able to wear boots…