gardening & flamingo beers…

berr & flamingo

This is what my day (d)evolved into.

I began early this morning, determined to finally outwit the deer that are eating all the roses I spent hundreds of dollars on.

While in Alaska (weird beginning to any sentence), I learned when Alaskans want to keep deer away, they spray their gardens with cougar pee.  Well, first of all I don’t want to do that, and second, I’m afraid it will scare off deer and bring around the cougars.  And I really don’t want that.

Instead I went to Home Depot, where I bought some spray of the non-cougar pee variety that’s supposed to keep deer and rabbits away (and ideally the neighbor’s golden retriever that uses my yard as its personal bathroom twice a day).

So I hosed down my garden, i.e. rose graveyard, and planted a bougainvillea I bought on sale at HD.  When I ask why my bougainvillea (normally $49.95) was only $8, he said, “I don’t know, but if it dies in the next week or so just bring it back with the receipt.”   That sounds sketchy at best, and the odds of me digging up a dead bush, throwing it in the back of my car, driving across town and returning it for the large sum of $8 is pretty slim.

But thankfully the weather went south, thank God because I was sooo over gardening, and I brought the party inside.  And we all know what that means, time for flamingo beer.

I saw these online and although I don’t have a pool, these obviously were a necessity.

Happy Saturday.

Farmer’s Market Saturday…



I have been wanting to get into floral design.  And by ‘get into floral design’ I actually mean ‘buy flowers wholesale so I can make flower crowns’.  But it turns out I really like it.


So I went with simplicity.  Mason jars of spray roses, ranunculus, peonies and tulips and also potted herbs.  I even found chocolate flavored mint.

Who knew.


And, of course, flower crowns.

It is the driving factor behind all this.

Spring Flowers…


While I may be ready for spring, the weather does not seem to be agreeing with me.

So I thought I would add a little color inside with fresh flowers.


One of my favorites to pick up at the floral shop across the street is lavender.  Easy to dry so I keep a spray of it sitting on my bar cart in a sterling jefferson cup.

 Oh, and the smell is heavenly.

purple flowers

So while outside there are currently spring showers, inside I have a gorgeous bright array of fresh flowers.

More Flowers Please…

For the party tonight I went to my favorite flower shop, which, fortunately, is across the street.  I did a mix of pale pink peonies, english garden roses, wildflowers, gerber daisies, orchids and hydrangeas.

After perusing bar carts on Pintrest yesterday, I decided to play around with mine.  I thought these huge roses would be perfect.