DIY…Floral Headbands

While The Boyfriend was away, I got some of my girlier to-dos checked off my list.  So I enlisted the help of my mom.

Step one, open a bottle of prosecco.


 I didn’t actually didn’t know how to make a floral headband but when you have a glue gun and some prosecco, I have found anything is possible.

floral headband

I decided on cherry blossoms and an accent of some brighter pink.

On the bright side, for $10 I now have enough faux-flowers for a lifetime of floral headbands.

floral headband-3

I made a base of rattan, interwoven and bended into a crown shape.

floral headband- me

Used my glue gun to add flowers and voila!

floral headbands-all

I made a couple different styles for the various occasions when one needs to wear a floral head crown.

For example, tonight I will be wearing the crown as The Boyfriend and I catch up on Game of Thrones.

Next DIY, chevron wall art.  It was a busy weekend…

New Love…Kate Spade

At the height of the Kate Spade nylon purse phenomenon, I think I had 14.  Polka dot, apple green, pink & red stripe, pink velvet, orange velvet (yes, I needed more than one brightly colored velvet purse), backpacks… you name it I had it.

I was in high school and I think this was when my mom started to see the little fashion monster lurking inside me.  If she had only known, she probably would have tried to return me.

Post high school I gave Kate Spade a break for a couple years.  But in the last year or so, it has become one of my absolute favorite places to shop for adorable gifts, accessories (love), stationary, etc.

I fell in love with these little hair barrettes.  Popfizzclink is my personal fave so to celebrate the arrival of these festive little cuties in my mail box my mom and I went out for a glass of prosecco.

Quirky, yet sophisticated.  Which on a better day is what I strive to be.

One day…