office business…

I put off remodeling the office for as long as I possibly could; I think it was one of the last things I finally did in the house.  At least I think it was, renovating the entire house ended up blending into one giant stressful blur.

Executive Office/Suite.

{old office pic and also note this is not my furniture}

 {although I kind of like those chairs}

I ended up keeping the caged glass brass light fixture attached to the fan, I love it.  God only knows what I’ll do with it but I’m the new proud owner.  It’s currently sitting in my garage, awaiting further instructions.  Every once in a while The Boyfriend picks it up muttering “what in the hell is this…”

And just like in the rest of the house, the pink carpet had to go, even the bathroom had pink carpet.  The walls needed to be skim coated over the wall paper then textured and painted, the trim needed to be painted a white semi-gloss and, lastly, someone needed to stain the wood paneling on the walls.

The light oak look is not one of my favorites.  I’m sure in twenty years no one will like darker woods anymore but I’ll worry about that then.  And if I still haven’t sold this house in 20 years just kill me.

office stain

 I asked our general contractor how much it would cost to have someone stain it and was informed it would be around $2,500 – $3,000 (a sum I’m almost 100% positive he pulled out of his ass) and decided I would just do it myself.  Our contractor was terrible, it was just the blind leading the blind over here.

So I vehemently told The Boyfriend (who seemed rather skeptical) that “I can do anything I put my mind to“.  And since, let me tell you how many times that statement has been thrown back in my face.

This was actually one of the hardest things I did in the house.  Although, looking back on it, I’m pretty sure I said that after each thing I accomplished.

Stained the bannister, “hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

Painted trim and doors in 5,000 sq foot house, “hardest thing I’ve ever done.”  Actually, maybe not the hardest but definitely the most boring.  I thought I was going to climb the walls (painters joke, you probably didn’t get it) with how boring it was.

And I did learn painting a ceiling is significantly harder than I had originally thought.  I got so much paint in my eyes I thought I was going blind.

So after the hardwoods were laid, I got to work.  I had to sand the paneling twice to get the gloss from the original paneling off.  Then I stained the paneled walls twice and put on a satin poly coat.

I paid a handyman to skim coat over the wallpaper because I was told the process takes a lot of patience.  And as I learned bout myself when painting the trim, me and patience are like cheap vodka and Betty Ford.  It’s a difficult relationship.

Then I textured and painted with pale final

 It ended up being a battle of wills as to whether we would paint the trim white (my idea) or stain to match the paneling (like in the original).  No one seemed to be able to visualize the white.  But the benefit of being the only person there painting from dawn til evening is that no one seems to realize when you just go ahead and do what you want.  White trim gave the office a more modern look and made it seem larger.  Sometimes you just have to stay the course and do what you feel is right.

Not to get all Taylor Swift but haters gonna hate (or maybe that’s Ice T circa mid-nineties).

But in the end, I created a gorgeous modern office perfect for people who like doing math and reading smelly books.

Me, I’m more a chrome and glass type of office gal.

remodel…modernizing greek columns

When we bought this house, the exterior was/is contemporary but the interior had an odd pink Greek revival theme going on.  Everything about this drove me crazy.  So I decided to change it all.  But the hardest of all was deciding what to do about the columns.

At first I wanted them all removed.  Clearly they’re ridiculous looking.  Even the floor guy with tattoos on his neck and fingers told me they were dumb looking.  Honestly though the day I start taking design advice from him is the day I starting giving him advice on laying floors.

But no one could tell me which were load bearing.  As I type this, I’m giggling.   This fashion major throwing out terms like “load bearing” and “joint compound” like I used to say “fit and flare” and “knife pleat trim”.

Oh how the times have changed…


Then when no one could give me the answer I wanted (which would have sounded like “not a single column is load bearing and let’s remove them immediately) I decided to wrap them.  Then I was informed by this worthless idiot who calls himself a general contractor it would be $400 a column to wrap them in a more modern style.

Well, had I only two columns I might have been able to swing it but seeing as this room looks like a greek column store I didn’t have the budget for modernizing my columns.


Then I decided to paint them.

It took some test runs, my first color choice (taupe) was horrendous which then led me to be concerned I was making huge mistake in general.  So I decided to give it one more try (because honestly can’t look much worse than it already did) and went with a dark brown.  An old based semi-gloss similar to the color I had stained the bar, bannister and office walls.


The floor guy told me “in his opinion” he would have gone with taupe and I politely informed him I didn’t give a shit about his opinion.

In the end, I love the columns.  


I think it modernizes the place.  But after spending three entire days painting columns, I might just be a little biased.

remodeling…blondie learned to paint

What I first learned in Painting 101 is it’s easier to hire someone else to do it.  Secondly, I learned I needed to make an appointment to have my roots done.

me painting2

After getting a quick lesson at the paint department in Home Depot, from the person who has since become my new best friend, I headed home to put my new skills to work.  Because after painting an entire wall with a two inch brush, I realized I needed a paint roller.  Life altering decision.  I would still be painting that room.

But regardless of my new paint roller owning status, painting is a tedious job.

paint utensils

Tape. Paint.  Wait.  Paint.  Untape.  Retape.  Paint.  Wait.  Paint.  Cocktails.

Cocktails to celebrate you finally finished a room.  And then a cocktail in misery when you realize you have to paint the next room.

DIY…New Bar Table

red table bar cart

Domestic goddess, I am not, but I can wield a mean can of spray paint.

We have a very contemporary set up so I’ve been looking for ways to add a little pop of color. Another bar table?  Why not.

white table


It was a gorgeous day outside so The Husky and I grabbed our spray paint can (in cherry red, of course) and headed down to the dog park.

red table



So easy, I’m going to search the house for new pieces to paint.