Must Have…Crab Apple Designs

{Crab Apple Designs Paper Goods}

My office looks like it’s wallpapered with Post-Its.  I can’t really tell old ones vs things I wrote yesterday so I decided I need a new method of note taking.

This is it…

I think these are adorable, made form multi-colored library cards.  I’m buying pink, obviously, and they’re only $6.  I also like that.

Post-It queen no more.  This is my first step in organization.  We’ll see how that goes…

Must Have…Olympia Le-Tan Book Clutches

I. Want. This.


I saw these a couple weeks ago and feel like I must have one.  That said, they are kind of pricie, like in the Judith Leiber price range (which as much as I adore these I’m not really seeing why).

Especially when I googled her line, several DIY options popped up.  I think this might be the more cost effective route.

New project!

Fendi Baguettes…

I was really hoping these bags were not going to make a comeback.

{needlepoint DIY Fendi Baguette}

I am normally very good at keeping track of things that I own but when it came to this bag, it wasn’t in the cards.

Fendi #1- a gorgeous yucca print spy bag with ostrich leather.  Stolen out of a friend’s car.  Now looking back as to why I thought it was a good idea to leave my bag in the car while I went in a wine bar is a little beyond me.  Oh, how I have matured.

Fendi #2- an equally gorgeous camel cashmere large baguette with matching camel leather.   God only knows where that is.  But after reading about the comeback of the baguette in this month’s Vogue I decided to go on the hunt.

After ripping my closet apart, it was nowhere to be found.   Although during this process I did find multiple things I had actually believed to be lost.

I think I will stick with leaving my lipgloss with The Boyfriend.  I can stand to lose a lipgloss but not another purse.   Too heartbreaking…

Must Have…My Mom’s Vintage Purse

I came across this purse in my mom’s closet forever ago and discreetly moved it over into my closet.

It’s hers from decades ago but I absolutely adore it.   This weekend I was standing in my closet wanting something different and spied this hidden gem under several other bags.

Reminds me of her…

New Love…Kate Spade

At the height of the Kate Spade nylon purse phenomenon, I think I had 14.  Polka dot, apple green, pink & red stripe, pink velvet, orange velvet (yes, I needed more than one brightly colored velvet purse), backpacks… you name it I had it.

I was in high school and I think this was when my mom started to see the little fashion monster lurking inside me.  If she had only known, she probably would have tried to return me.

Post high school I gave Kate Spade a break for a couple years.  But in the last year or so, it has become one of my absolute favorite places to shop for adorable gifts, accessories (love), stationary, etc.

I fell in love with these little hair barrettes.  Popfizzclink is my personal fave so to celebrate the arrival of these festive little cuties in my mail box my mom and I went out for a glass of prosecco.

Quirky, yet sophisticated.  Which on a better day is what I strive to be.

One day…

Must Have…Candy Store Pouches

I saw these little cuties in Living Magazine and think I need the pink one.  They are just cheap little silicone accessories, like eyeglass cases, mirror compacts, makeup bags, etc.  Perfect replacement for any messy make up bag (mine currently only consists of perfume, neon pink lipstick and a quarter) and the colors are such that they are easy to find in any monster handbag.

Side note: I think I need to start scaling back the size of my purses, I look like I’m moving out when I leave the house.

Oh, and they’re only around $20…

New Obsession…Vintage Nightgowns

There is a lot of junk on Etsy.

But every once in a while you find something amazing.  I found an entire store…

I was searching for vintage nightgowns and came across Dust Vintage where I found the above ivory silk and lace gown.  They have incredibly unique pieces, and while some aren’t exactly for me there are some I absolutely adore.  Like this little lace dress…

I think this might have to be my newest addition from them…

Must Have…UrbanEars

I love headphones.

{; $60}

I read about these and have to have a pair.  I am addicted to listening to music on headphones so finally, a fashionable pair.

You can order based on Pantone swatches. I think I’m going raspberry.

I wish I had found in time for Mexico…

Must Have…Bar Carts

{bar cart, Studio7, 817.731.0706}

I have been on the hunt for the perfect bar cart for our house.  I found these two that I really like out shopping one day; I love the look of the chrome, it’s so modern.

My friend in LA suggested next time I am there we should hit the flea markets (I have always heard they’re amazing but didn’t discover my love of vintage/resale until recently); she always finds interesting things…

{Wright at Home, 817.989.8222}

I went on a remodeling rampage a couple of months ago and after selling majority of our furniture ran out of steam (it was significantly more time consuming than I had envisioned).  Then I began my busy season for work with traveling, etc, and lost focus.  Although, in the next month of two I’m hosting an engagement party so I am hoping to re-ignite that focus.

I do have a gorgeous array of cocktail glasses, so maybe after a drink (or two) no one will care about the lack of seating…