Traveling Around…

In terms of travel, I’m gone almost every week.  I travel extensively for work, and when not working I love to travel often as well.

But interestingly enough, working in fashion does not mean I travel stylishly.

Kate Spade Streamline Luggage

{kate spade collection by steamline}

I have the obligatory college-grad John Hart set, that unfortunately, has no wheels.  Which The Boyfriend addressed several years ago on a trip to Vegas, informing me that if I ever flew with it again he would dump me.  I can’t help it, I’m a terrible packer.  I was going to Vegas, doesn’t everyone pack 30 dresses for a 4 day stay?

Kate Spade Steamline Luggage 2

Then came the functional looking set from my mom, with wheels I might add.  Thank god because I often travel alone and now realize why duffles aren’t for the upper-body strength challenged.  One large suitcase, one medium and a little carry on.  These have stood the test of time but, over the years, I’ve noticed about 40% of people have the airport have the same set.

That makes twice now I’ve left the airport with someone else’s luggage.  One time, not that long ago, I got in from NY around midnight and The Boyfriend picked me up (albeit begrudgingly), and I left with someone else’s bag.  I didn’t realize ’til 1 am when the airport called and he had to drive me back out there to swap bags.  Needless to say, he hates this travel set too.

Kate Spade Steamline 3

But with an upcoming trip to the St. Thomas hanging over my head (luggage-wise and dieting-wise), I have been looking into better travel options.  Maybe it’s time to finally upgrade into something a little more colorful and signature to my tastes.

The Kate Spade collection by Steamline.  Retro-glamour.  With wheels.

Functional Gifts…

kate spa



I love coming home to a gift in the mail at Christmas time, but when it’s adorable and functional.  Get out.

I’ve never been a giver of functional gifts, I like to try to give people things they didn’t realize they needed or would love.  Although I have learned that kind of gift giving can be pretty hit of miss…

kate spade passport

We leave for Paris later this week and The Boyfriend’s little sister gave me a fun polka dot passport holder.

Cute little cards, pop colored wrappings and other little signature details, make receiving a package from Kate Spade almost as great as whatever is inside.  This little note was tucked away in my gift.

kate spade

I don’t know who ‘she’ is but I like her style.

Kate Spade Votive Holders…

One of my favorite friends gave me the most beautiful birthday gift.  Little Kate Spade votive holders with polka dots etchings.

She found them knowing one of my favorite gifts from a couple years ago was my matching old school champagne glasses my mom bought me.

I love matching things, especially crystal.  Time to have a party!

New Love…Kate Spade

At the height of the Kate Spade nylon purse phenomenon, I think I had 14.  Polka dot, apple green, pink & red stripe, pink velvet, orange velvet (yes, I needed more than one brightly colored velvet purse), backpacks… you name it I had it.

I was in high school and I think this was when my mom started to see the little fashion monster lurking inside me.  If she had only known, she probably would have tried to return me.

Post high school I gave Kate Spade a break for a couple years.  But in the last year or so, it has become one of my absolute favorite places to shop for adorable gifts, accessories (love), stationary, etc.

I fell in love with these little hair barrettes.  Popfizzclink is my personal fave so to celebrate the arrival of these festive little cuties in my mail box my mom and I went out for a glass of prosecco.

Quirky, yet sophisticated.  Which on a better day is what I strive to be.

One day…

It’s Almost Time…

{pink bicycle with basket}

My adorable friend in LA (who inspired this blog) has one and last time I was in town absolutely fell in love with hers.

{urbanears headphones}

I am slowly going deaf due to my loud music consumption but at least these will make me restrain from subjecting The Boyfriend to anymore Florence + The Machine…

{Neulash, YSL Shocking Mascara & Winks by Georgie refills;}

It just isn’t Christmas without beauty stocking stuffers and this lash survival kit is at the top of my list.  One of my favorite friends recommended Neulash, I love YSL mascaras and I need new lashes, while Neulash makes my current ones grow, so a refill on my Winks…


I always joke about my champagne consumption around this time of year and these are the perfect accessory for celebrating.


And since this is my wish list, it would’t be complete without a mention of Valentino.  It’s time to start buying for Spring and to get the season started I am positive that I need this adorable pink trim dress.

Every year I always add Valentino to the wish list but haven’t received it yet.

I don’t think Santa is listening…

New Orleans Here We Come…

We are going to spend Christmas in New Orleans so I think I need this hat.  I hear it gets cold there.


I have been hinting to The Boyfriend things I might like for Christmas (pink bike with a basket, UrbanEars headphones…) but my friend in LA was telling me about how cute Kate Spade holiday was so I had to check it out.

 I am a sucker for all things Kate Spade (except purses) and everything was absolutely adorable.  I think I found a couple things that might need to make the trip to Louisiana with me.

And these are at the top of my list.  They were listed under the ‘Holiday Gift’ category but there must have been a mistake because these adorable little things are a year round must.

Christmas morning I envision myself sipping a mimosa with my popfizzclink barrette in my hair opening my new YSL poppy wedges.

Oh, and don’t for get the hat…