Mug Huggers…Coffee Please

As I was reading the holiday edition of Nylon Magazine (the airport is never up to date), I saw these little cuties for hot coffee cups.

I have been trying to ‘reduce/reuse/recycle’, et al, what with my New Year’s resolution to save the planet, so when I make my weekend run to Starbucks I have been forgoing the cardboard cup holders.

mug huggers- Nylon


I’m being savvy; it’s winter, the heat can warm our  hands.  Regardless, The Boyfriend doesn’t care for it.

So Nylon has presented me with a solution…mug huggers.  A delicate pink Jimmy Choo for only $180, BCBG leather and grommet (in comparison, a steal for only $29) or a signature orange leather cup holder from Hermes for $335.  These are for people who really invest in their coffee.  Rounding out the four is a little ‘mug hugger’ from Rodarte for Starbucks at only $5.

Funny, I haven’t noticed too much Rodarte while waiting in line at Starbucks…