Interiors…Decanter Lights

Being raised by an interior designer, I sam to always be looking for ways to update my home.  A constant conversation growing up with my mom was, ‘what color should we repaint the living room?”

I have seen burgundy (my personal fave), butter cream yellow, ivory and, most recently, a soft dove gray.

My inability to decide on a paint color (I have been wanting to paint the half bath for over a year now) has lead me to find other means to update our home.

decantur lights

Seeing as I love cut crystal, I adore the concept of these lights. We have several decanters we don’t use (I need a larger bar cart) that would be perfect.

Something I learned long ago was that DIY projects are not for me.  This has ‘hire someone’ written all over it.

Etsy…Amazing New Find


I came across this amazing little store on Etsy.  The Boyfriend and I are currently remodeling (I know I have been saying that for a year now but this time it’s currently happening) and one of my projects is wall papering our half bath.

She takes old books and prints on the pages.  I love the juxtaposition of the yellowed paper against the colors of print.

So I’m going to buy several of these to frame and go up in the bathroom once I paper it.  We found this incredible wallpaper in House Beautiful, all hand printed  by Alpha Workshops in NY.

Boring video but gorgeous paper: