sunset cocktails…

I’m sure the best place to watch a sunset is on the beach.  But to me, the best place to watch the sunset was the Four Seasons with a cocktail(s).

So we trekked next door via the beach to their outdoor patio/

Ordered booberrie mojitos (which I need to learn how to make at home); they were amazing.  For some reason, proper mojito making skills have always eluded me.

Mine always taste like a glass of rum (good thing?).


And got there just in time for the sunset.


Thank goodness.  With all my booberrie mojitos, I was pretty sure I was going to miss it.

And it’s Time for Leather…

leather- HD jacket

 {jacket, Hunter Dixon}

Leather has never looked particularly great on me.  Actually it would be safe to say I look slightly ridiculous.  Think more biker and less chic.

So rather unfortunately for me, it’s one of the biggest trends right now.

leather- HD

But, fortunately for me, I found a more feminine way to wear leather.

A chic little tapered, tailored light weight leather jacket.  Perfect to pair with my chiffon dresses and silk maxis I wasn’t ready to let go of from summer.   I just needed to make my leather is ultra-girlie first.

Now I just need the weather to change…


Getting Holiday Ready…

Holiday Market

After a looong weekend in Napa, I felt like a needed a vacation.  But as it always does, my work seemed to disagree.

So with a gorgeous new Holiday ’13 collection from Hunter Dixon, I start market this week.

But first I need one of these…

detox juice

One detox juice and a coffee (2) please.

Easter Chic…

I always obsess over finding the perfect Easter dress.

One year, it was a gorgeous high/low chiffon maxi in easter egg colors by Tracy Reese.  The next, a bohemian one shoulder with lace detail in ivory by Gold Hawk.

Hunter Dixon Easter

{Hunter Dixon Schumann Dress}

But this year is my favorite, an ethereal maxi made of the most gorgeous blush hued chiffon with black silk shoulder detail.

Open back with tie waist.

Hunter Dixon Easter-back

The Boyfriend is going back to New Orleans to visit family so my mom and I are having brunch.  I have a bottle of rosé champagne in the fridge and am now, officially ready for Easter.

Fashion…Coterie & Fall 2013

HD Office

{Hunter Dixon offices}

I was only in New York for two days but it felt like a week.

It’s amazing how you you can pack so much into such a short period.

HD inspiration

{mood & inspiration board}

I went in the city for market and saw all the new collections for Fall 2013, sat in on a photo shoot and and helped prepare and price all the samples for the show.

HD Booth

The production manager of the line I work with brought cupcakes to the show from a place called Burgers & Cupcakes in Hell’s Kitchen.  It’s funny watching models walk around all day while I eat a strawberry flavored cupcake.

cupcakes & burgers

But, my god, they’re delicious.

To Crop…Or Not to Crop

Crop Peplum- ASOS

{NastyGal peplum top}

To crop of not to crop?  My first reaction is ‘not’.

The thought of wearing a ‘crop top’ kind of gives me a mini-anxiety attack but the amazing options for spring and summer make me think twice.

Crop Jewel

{ASOS Jeweled Bralette}

But I’m thinking of branching out.  Anxiety be damned.

bow bandeau

I have the most insanely gorgeous white silk Hunter Dixon high waisted skirt that would be perfect with a  cute little top.

I wore it in Santa Monica with my favorite floral bow top for an engagement party on the beach and then to the Huntley for cocktails.  And for California, my little bow top was perfect.

bath-tub skirt

Although I learned white silk on the beach…not so perfect.

New York…Oh, to be Inspired

Intermezzo Jan- 2

{Intermezzo- Pier 92}

This trip was exactly what I needed and I didn’t even realize it.

I only had five days after Paris before heading off to NY and, honestly, I really wasn’t looking forward to it.  Thank God I didn’t back out.

Intermezzo Jan- HD

{Hunter Dixon~ Summer 2013}

I have been working with some friends of mine on their clothing line, Hunter Dixon, and flew up for the show.  The collection was gorgeous, very classic HD- feminine & flirty, but with an added edge.  Exposed zippers, pinky gold boucle and flouncy tennis dresses made me ready for warmer temps.

And Hunter is going to be on the NBC show Design Star this coming season so I’m looking forward to lots of exciting things coming their way.

Intermezzo Jan

Sometimes being in that environment, around so many creative and inspired people, around so many gorgeous prints and designs, is what I need to refuel my own imagination.  After the holidays I was feeling less than inspired, to say the least.  My desire to design and create  and has been refreshed; I feel ready for anything again.

Now to plan my next trip.  Tuscon.  Gem Show, here I come…

Dressing a Christmas Tree…

{dress, Hunter Dixon; boots from Tesori}


The weekend was spent doing holiday things, such as decorating trees, cocktails with my mom, present shopping…among other things.  We haven’t decorate our house this year since we will be gone for the holidays but it was nice being able to decorate someone else’s.

Didn’t quite realize how short this dress was…



My mom informed me that once I get my own tree I will finally be given the pink glitter ornaments.

I guess I finally have a reason to stay in town next year.

Fashion…’Office Lunch’

It always makes me laugh when I meet The Boyfriend for happy hour or lunch.  I try to dress “professionally” or as close to it as I can as I seem to not really understand what that means.  Apparently, when it comes to dressing for success, we have differing opinions.



Professional for me: orange Veuve sunnies, super-mini Hunter Dixon skirt and a striped shirt I may or may not have fallen asleep in.  He did joke that my bag looked like a brief case.


But even then we realized nothing of value would fit in here.  No laptops, iPads, pads of paper, or anything office worthy.  Guess what can fit in there, tons of jewelry.   Office worthy!

We like short skirts at my office…