One Man’s Trash…

My best friend was going to throw out this adorable hat from H&M away.

So I, who hates seeing gorgeous things being tossed aside, told her I would make a good home for it.

H&M hat


I have no idea where to wear it or what to wear it with but I had to have it.  Very Gatsby-esque.

Like I said, one man’s trash…

Fashion…Spring Fedoras

It wouldn’t be a week on this blog if I didn’t write about more adorable junk I bought while perusing Target.  Originally today’s greater purpose was litter for President Kitty but I quickly re-prioritized upon view of this little pink fedora.

 So three bottles of Essie, a navy and pink cotton sundress, this pink fedora and some oranges.  I’ll go back tomorrow for kitty litter…


New Obsession…Chapeaus

{dress, Hunter Dixon; hat, Mossimo}

It all started with the purchase of a cheap straw fedora on a recent trip to Mexico.

I truly believe it was at that moment I learned of my love of hats. It’s interesting how such a simple addition that can drastically change the look of any outfit.

 Actually I found this one while buying light bulbs at Target…

My New Obsession…House of MacGregor & Gaultier

Last night I went with two friends from work to the Gaultier exhibit (see my obsession in detail below) and the way DMA designed the walk through has you exiting straight into the gift shop.  Brilliant.

So I exit the exhibit/gift shop in my new chapeau (which went well with my skirt I bought in SF fortunately) with a new obsession.

House of MacGregor

I absolutely adore any kind of hair accessory and it was love at first sight with this one.  I googled the label when I got home and found she has a shop close by and makes amazing cocktail hats.