Ballet Buns & Little Bows

Since the weather has been miserable lately I have often been wearing my hair up in a ballet bun.

I finally found the perfect little accessory.  Several years ago I went on a DIY frenzy, after not being able to find the giant Valentino bow headband Blair Waldorf wore of Gossip Girl.  It was funny, there were at least 10 sites of little 12 year-olds devoted to showing you how to remake this headband.  Well, thank you guys, I now have three.

After years of randomly typing in “Valentino Bows” in search engines, I finally found this little patent Valentino bow and a matching headband.  Now the headband will probably go unworn for eternity but I am obsessed with this little patent bow accessory.

My patience finally paid off…

It’s My B-day…Let’s Chalk Some Hair!


While I had originally woken up with ideas of filling jewelry orders and being productive, somewhere in the last hour, my day has taken a turn.

I must chalk my hair.  

Pink and turquoise for my birthday.  Fingers crossed…