Whole30…Day One

whole30- fresh food

Today marks day #1 of my month long foray into the Whole30 diet.

I’m nervously excited.  What with all the traveling, eating out, cocktailing out, college football, etcetcetc, my body needs a reset.


So after multiple trips to the grocery store and farmers market this weekend, I think we’re ready.  My normal routine is to start every morning with 12 grain rye bread with peanut butter but, alas, that is no more.  As is quinoa, all gluten, all sugar, all alcohol (eeekkk), no dairy among many, many others.  It’s a little stricter than paleo, which being vegetarian I had never tried but heard nothing but positive reviews from friends.

ramey claret

But as a last hurrah in preparation of not drinking for the next month, we went a an amazing little italian BYOB restaurant with my favorite bottle of wine.

It always feels a little high school bringing alcohol somewhere stuffed in my purse.

whole30-coffeeBut fortunately, while I might not be able to drink wine or start my morning with peanut butter, I can still start it with black coffee.

My only link to my old gluttonous self…



Farmer’s Market & Champagne…

farmers market

Yesterday my best friend texted me, “farmer’s market & happy hour?” to which I responded with the only answer there is.


farmers market-flowers

Our local weekly farmer’s market moved and is now only a couple blocks from my house.  I’m taking it as a sign I need to buy more locally and less Central Markety.

Although it was a small group they had everything, from bakers to cooking class options.  A woman asked me if I wanted to take one of her ‘canning’ classes and I politely declined.  I’m not terribly sure what that means but I’m pretty sure I’d rather buy hers than do it myself.


So after we had our fill of hand made pastas, jams, organic fruits and veggies we went and had our fill of champagne.

Thursdays are my new favorite.

Foodies…Farmer’s Market

I did the Blue Print Cleanse detox a year ago and received an email the other day reminding me that somehow a year has already gone by and they think I need to try it again.

So I spoke to my friend in LA (the land of diets and detoxes, along with more than enough vices) who reminded me how expensive it is and told me just to get juicer.

Which is a brilliant idea so I added it to the list.  They Boyfriend and I (regardless of if he wants to be involved or not seeing as I run the food aspect of the household) went to the Farmer’s Market this past Sunday to kick start our new lifestyle.

I have always been really healthy but decided it’s time to go into health zealot mode.  There was so much to choose from at the Farmer’s Market, we pretty much left with everything.  And everything was so fresh…