A New Year…A New Satchel is Needed

The Boyfriend jokes that I don’t need a briefcase to carry jewels, but as I have repeatedly explained, these are not briefcases.  They are satchels.

And I need one.

Cambridge Flouro Satchel

{Cambridge Satchel Company}

A girl I went to TCU with, now living in NY, has two of these Cambridge Satchels, this shockingly vivid neon pink one and a gorgeous ivory.   Obviously, I’m slightly jealous but am looking to remedy that.

Cambridge Emboss

 They emboss so I’m thinking bright pink with silver.  I’m trying to convince my friend in LA to get red with silver.

Chanel PVC Glitter Bag

I remember several years ago, Chanel did their first clear PVC version of their classic 2.55 bag.  I wanted one so bad but something about spending over a thousand dollars on a bag made of plastic, seemed a little ridiculous.   Plus, do you honestly want someone seeing whats in your bag?  Probably not.

Unfortunately I would just end up putting pretty, i.e. useless, items in there to create more of a piece of art than something functional.  But I work in fashion, there is little function involved.

Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel


But then I came across Phillip Lim’s Pashli Satchel.   Opaque and clear PVC trimmed in leather, so you now have the illusion of privacy.  The perfect summer bag.

Both of these are significantly better priced than the Chanel I wanted forever ago, with the Phillip Lim at $650 and the Cambridge being less than $200.

My birthday is coming up.  I hope my mother is reading this.  Pink please…