christmas came early…

My life will never be the same.

Brilliantly, I decided to do my Christmas shopping earlier than Christmas Eve this year.  I’m currently working on trying to reduce the amount of stress in my life.  Baby steps.

I asked each family member for a list, so while perusing the internets for waders for the fly fisherman in my life (lesson learned, don’t ask people what they want) I found a 20% off coupon for a Keurig.

IMG_0406So happy early Christmas to me.  Except for the fact I’m pretty sure my general contractor threw my old one away (I need to keep closer eye on him).

Now back to looking at waders online.

After which I’m headed over to my contractor’s house to throw away his coffee maker.


Mug Huggers…Coffee Please

As I was reading the holiday edition of Nylon Magazine (the airport is never up to date), I saw these little cuties for hot coffee cups.

I have been trying to ‘reduce/reuse/recycle’, et al, what with my New Year’s resolution to save the planet, so when I make my weekend run to Starbucks I have been forgoing the cardboard cup holders.

mug huggers- Nylon


I’m being savvy; it’s winter, the heat can warm our  hands.  Regardless, The Boyfriend doesn’t care for it.

So Nylon has presented me with a solution…mug huggers.  A delicate pink Jimmy Choo for only $180, BCBG leather and grommet (in comparison, a steal for only $29) or a signature orange leather cup holder from Hermes for $335.  These are for people who really invest in their coffee.  Rounding out the four is a little ‘mug hugger’ from Rodarte for Starbucks at only $5.

Funny, I haven’t noticed too much Rodarte while waiting in line at Starbucks…


DIY…Chandelier Coffee Cups

I honestly thought I could go the rest of my life and never attach ‘DIY’ to anything that I do.  Well, the day has come.

My favorite place in New Orleans to have a drink (preferably when its cooler and you can sit out on the balcony) is The Columns Hotel.  It’s a gorgeous white mansion with a huge wrap around porch and a giant balcony over looking St. Charles.  I have always been obsessed with a chandelier they have in their dining room and decided to master it drawing it.

Add that with my coffee addiction and I thought it was a great match, so I freehanded the chandelier onto little scalloped coffee and cappuccino mugs.

It’s so easy, just draw whatever you want and bake them at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  Voila…

Chic Coffee Accessories…

To say I am a fan of french press coffee would be a complete understatement, like saying I am a fan of having wine with dinner.

{Eileen French Press, $40;}

I recently came across the website Bodum; it’s all things coffee, tea with some tabletop accessories throw in.  I have to have this gold french press, it comes in gold or silver (gold please) and three sizes, 12 oz, 17 oz and 32 oz (large please~I drink way too much coffee).

As we have been doing a complete overhaul on the house (there are boxes everywhere so I guess you can call that progress…) I have been in the market for chic accessories.

Since a french press isn’t exactly something I want to mess with every morning, I also kind of like this little electric cutiepatootie…