cosmic kitties…

charlotte olympia kitty

I joke that I’m a ‘cat lady’ but am growing concerned that little joke may hit a little too close to home.  I might need to edit the number of President Kitty pics I have currently on Instagram.

pretty kitty

 But regardless of my smooth sailing into ‘cat lady’ status, I’m pretty sure my wardrobe is requiring a pair of ‘pretty kitty’ by Charlotte Olympia from the Kitty & co. collection.

charlotte olympia zodiac flats

And also a pair of Gemini flats from the Cosmic collection.

My horoscope informed me that starting in August my life will be free of strife.  As wonderful as that sounds, it makes me a smidge nervous regarding my remaining two weeks of July.

I guess I can just slip on a pair of ‘pretty kittys’ and hope for the cosmic best.

New Obsession…Charlotte Olympia

I have always had an obsession with platforms and wedges but am also over the platform/pump look of Louboutin.  This has renewed my lust for expensive wedges…{Tessa Platform,, $895}

I fell in love with these red velvet platforms at Neiman’s, I think they will be fun for Fall with black tights and a little black mini dress.  The Boyfriend is begging me not to do it…

{Carmen Wedges,, sold out}

These were my favorite pair from the Summer 2011 Collection, just a great neutral raffia.  Perfect addition to any sundress but, unfortunately, seem to be sold out everywhere.

So I think the velvet cats are a must have, I’m sure The Boyfriend will understand.