“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”  Aaron Rose

In my ongoing struggle to bring this house into the 21st century, I’ve found simple things to have the greatest impact.  One coat of paint and redefine and entire room.  Same thought goes for a single lighting fixture.

Here’s the lovely before…

chandelier 3

to the lovelier after…

chandelierChandeliers, while rather specific, are my favorite.  We bought a contemporary style home to remodel and I thought this would be a perfect piece, keeping in touch with the modern/contemporary look I’ve been striving to achieve.

And imagine my surprise when I received the box in the mail only to find someone has attach all the hundreds of pieces of crystal.  Truly most fun I’ve had short of setting myself on fire.  chandelier 2

The electrician, with hands the size of oven mitts I might add, reluctantly offered to do it.   I politely declined this gracious offer, which I’m sure would have cost an extra $800 in labor at the expense of several broken pieces of crystal.

To which I then picked up the first piece and promptly dropped it on the ground, only to watch it shatter into no less than one million shards.  Fortunately they do supply you with ONE extra piece, which I found to be rather optimistic on their part.

But after a careful two hours, I have a new chandelier.  And only minor cuts on my hands from cleaning up all the glass.




DIY…Chandelier Coffee Cups

I honestly thought I could go the rest of my life and never attach ‘DIY’ to anything that I do.  Well, the day has come.

My favorite place in New Orleans to have a drink (preferably when its cooler and you can sit out on the balcony) is The Columns Hotel.  It’s a gorgeous white mansion with a huge wrap around porch and a giant balcony over looking St. Charles.  I have always been obsessed with a chandelier they have in their dining room and decided to master it drawing it.

Add that with my coffee addiction and I thought it was a great match, so I freehanded the chandelier onto little scalloped coffee and cappuccino mugs.

It’s so easy, just draw whatever you want and bake them at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  Voila…


Last time I was in NY, some friends and I went to this little french restaurant on Gansevoort in the meatpacking district and while the restaurant was delish (although no one remembers the name…) it was the chandelier that stood out in my mind.

It was enormous and made entirely of wine and champagne glasses.  I would never put that in my house but it was definitely something to see.

Although last time I was in LA (with the same friends) we went to the Tasting Kitchen for dinner and drinks.   My favorite in Venice Beach.

We sat under this gorgeous crystal and wrought iron chandelier at long communal oak tables.   I recognized it from Restoration Hardware as The Boyfriend and I have been eyeing it for some time.

We did buy a persian rug.  At least a step in the right direction.

Baby steps…