sewing, whiskey & brass cats…

sewing machine bar cart 2I received this antique sewing machine from my grandmother (and it belonged to her grandmother, etcetcetc…) around the time I was 21.  Apparently everyone had a little too much confidence in my ability to take care of antiques, because, not only do I cringe when I think of what this table has been through, I cringe when I think of the crap I’ve decorated it with.

But thankfully, it has remained in storage the last couple years so the damage I could inflict has been minimal. Now I’m a fully functioning adult (I’m sure some people who read that will get a good laugh on that one) and can decorate a table.

Well, I at least won’t be putting Hello Kitty stickers on it this time.

sewing machine bart cart

And as I mentioned, since I am a fully functioning adult, I need a whiskey bar.

I had previously thought to use it as a side table and place of gorgeous piece of slate colored granite on top.  My contractor said he had a piece and would give it to me for free (he used to like me).  As our friendship turned into him never showing up for work and me constantly bitching at him, I realized my dreams of a granite covered side table were like dust in the wind.

Similar to my thoughts of remodeling this house on budget.  God, I love remodeling.

But since, I’ve ‘revisited and revised’.  I modernized my sewing table into a whiskey bar.  Complete with an antique brass cat The Boyfriend bought me for my birthday last week.

brass kitty

And doesn’t everyone need a whisky bar?  Whiskey can make all your problems go away.  That is, until you wake up with the original problem and the additional new problem of being hungover.

Maybe I still have a little too much of my 21-year-old self in me.  But at least my tastes in whiskey have improved…


More Flowers Please…

For the party tonight I went to my favorite flower shop, which, fortunately, is across the street.  I did a mix of pale pink peonies, english garden roses, wildflowers, gerber daisies, orchids and hydrangeas.

After perusing bar carts on Pintrest yesterday, I decided to play around with mine.  I thought these huge roses would be perfect.

Must Have…Bar Carts

{bar cart, Studio7, 817.731.0706}

I have been on the hunt for the perfect bar cart for our house.  I found these two that I really like out shopping one day; I love the look of the chrome, it’s so modern.

My friend in LA suggested next time I am there we should hit the flea markets (I have always heard they’re amazing but didn’t discover my love of vintage/resale until recently); she always finds interesting things…

{Wright at Home, 817.989.8222}

I went on a remodeling rampage a couple of months ago and after selling majority of our furniture ran out of steam (it was significantly more time consuming than I had envisioned).  Then I began my busy season for work with traveling, etc, and lost focus.  Although, in the next month of two I’m hosting an engagement party so I am hoping to re-ignite that focus.

I do have a gorgeous array of cocktail glasses, so maybe after a drink (or two) no one will care about the lack of seating…