antique shopping…

Along my running path this morning, I found cluster of antique shops and restoration stores.

Kind of like a mix of junk slash refinished antiques.antique store

Truly the type of stores I need to stay out of.  I’m not sure how much “junk” one can own, but apparently it’s a lot.

pink cabinet- antique

And I have another flower market coming up this weekend so I’ve been looking for little antique/vintage pots and containers for flowers and herbs.

junk- antique store

Which unfortunately leads to the thought process, “well this would look good in my house.”

Or “let’s spray paint that neon pink.”  It’s alarming how many things I want to spray paint pink.  Actually, it’s alarming how many things I’ve already spray painted pink.

flamingo- antique store

I mean, a neon pink flamingo?  Don’t hate it…

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