Sh*t Got Real…

A friend sent me the link to this amazing Etsy store.

While this may be a little more cheeky than my usual taste in stationary, I am in need of some cards for a couple friends.  Here are some of the highlights…

For my friend who is newly married (my best friend who got married in Napa this past weekend):

Julie Ann Art

For my friend who is purchasing a new home (I currently have two of these):

Julie Ann Art- couch


For my best friend in LA’s next birthday (she’s younger and I hate her for it):

Julie Ann Art- birthdays

For my mom (don’t blame me, you made me this way):

Julie Ann Art- Mom

And lastly, my favorite.  I wish I had seen this for my best friend who just had her baby (good luck…):

Julie Ann Art- preggo


I have never really been a big fan of card sending, all the Hallmark options are a little to prose-y for my tastes.  But these are perfect.

Looking back over my list, I’m annoyed.  All my friends are doing fun stuff, so I need to add a little excitement to my life (no baby though).

Sh*t just got real…

click here for etsy store

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