Cooking…Pot Roast

pot roast


While I was ‘de-cluttering’ the kitchen the other day I came across some kind of pot.  It caught my attention because it was huge and taking up entirely too much cabinet space.  I added to the throw away pile til The Boyfriend informed me I was not going to be throwing away the crock pot.

pot roast 2

Mind blown.

I had no idea how easy this thing makes cooking.  Roughly chop some veggies (I did onion, carrots and sweet potato) and add meat.  I threw in some rosemary and thyme sprigs and done.

Well, eight hours later your done.

pot roast 3

Being a vegetarian I have no idea how it tasted but it smelled delicious.  Even for a non-meat eater.

Resulting pot roast = success!

I need to find more things to make in this thing.


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