Traveling in Style…

plane dress

{cardigan, Tracy Reese; vintage dress; boots, J Crew}


Lately, I’ve found myself in and out of airports and noticed that not too many people dress up to travel anymore.

Once I saw a woman in sweats (click here for Karl Lagerfeld’s view of sweats- love him) and those sponge curlers.  We were surprised she got through security, but then again I guess there’s no metal.

Honestly, who are you going to see thats so important to curl your hair but the hundreds of people you come across in the meantime see your curlers?  I don’t get it.

plane dress close up

Regardless, this made me rethink the way I dress to travel.  I’m thinking similar to what I wear for happy hour drinks with friends; dressy casual.  And, as always, I love to mix prints; stripes & animal prints- my current fave.

Unfortunately more often than not, I book my tickets on the late side so there’s always a strong possibility I will get stuck in a middle seat.  Whereas I used to bring my laptop, iPad, magazines and a book, I’ve now settled just for a book.  I’m streamlining.

Stress-free traveling?  It doesn’t exist.  But I can at least take out my curlers…

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