nomnom…Collard Green Wraps

DSC_0010After a week of vacation (no more rum punch ever please) followed by a week of birthday girl celebrations, I need a smidge of a healthy restart.

My body will thank me, actually it’s begging me desperately for it.


So after spending a morning of juicing cucumbers, ginger and lemons to make a detox water (actually juicing only took two minutes, whereas the rest of the morning was spent cleaning my juicer), I started in on lunch.


On Pinterest (honestly where else?) I have been seeing people sub-out carbs for various veggies for clean eating.  Use sweet potatoes instead on buns for sliders (tried that one), bell peppers instead of chips for nachos (no thanks, nachos are literally perfect as is) and collard greens as to make wraps.


So I made some lemon-oregano chicken for The Boyfriend, added some hummus from the greek place around the corner and various chopped veggies.

Perfect way to kick-start a healthy week.  But then I realized it’s already Thursday and I’m meeting a friend for cocktails tonight.  Well, you gotta start somewhere.


nomnom…Roasted Cabbage

Weekends derail my attempts at eating healthy.

There’s always something about margaritas on a sunny patio.  But never fail, come Monday, we are back on track.


I found the recipe for this on one of the various blogs/websites I read daily and have been meaning to make it.  I went to the grocery store yesterday and cabbage was 2/$1.  The Boyfriend pointed out it’s probably because cabbage is so gross.DSC_0009

Anything this simple quickly becomes a favorite in my cooking repetoire.  I made a mix of lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and salt & pepper.  Oven.  Done.


And The Boyfriend is wrong.  Cabbage is not gross.  It’s pretty good.

It’s no Oreo malt from around the corner good, but then again, nothing is.

Vino on the Go…

Since The Boyfriend was studying for the bar, we’ve made a ritual of ‘wine time’ every evening around 5 or so.  Earlier?  Maybe.  Later?  Rarely.

 And apparently ‘wine time’ has expended into an evening adventure, the ‘wine walk’ which we walk the dog over to the neighborhood park.  Both parties win.

to go tumblersSo when a friend of mine sent me a link for these to-go wine tumblers, it seemed like a necessity.

And I love the comment she sent me with the link- “kinda small though, right?!”

Here’s the link to the kinda small personalized to-go vino tumbler by Dawlins.   Pink for me obviously.


nomnom…healthy(ish) again


I have been craving mexican food but since we are planning a beach trip, I’ve been trying to hold the queso.  Have I been successful?  No.  But like I said, I’ve been working on it.


But in-between trips to fuel up on tacos, we’ve been trying to eat better.  ‘Eat clean’ I believe is what people are saying.


So I made mexican inspired sliders.  I consider salsa a food group and decided to try my hand on making my own.  Fresh ingredients and all that.

I used the basics, diced roma tomatoes, cilantro, serrano peppers,onion, lime and garlic.  Blender.  Done.


Then found a Whole30 version of sliders on Pinterest (where else), sweet potato bun, grass fed beef patty, scrambled eggs and topped with my homemade salsa.


And my vegetarian version.

Now I just need to find a healthy recipe for nachos and my life would be complete.

Sweets & Vino…

cookie monster

On a trip to the grocery store to buy wine last night, I had a realization: I also wanted something sweet.

Eating ‘clean’ starts to mess with your sweet tooth after awhile.  There are only so many apples that can fill that void.


Imagine my utter delight when I found a cookie/brownie hybrid by the culinary wizard, Betty Crocker.

The best of both worlds.


As I learned last night, if you’ve never had wine and cookiebrownies, you’re missing out.

It’s as good, I realized this morning, as coffee and cookiebrownies.

Spring Cleaning…For Spring Cocktails


I have been doing some ‘spring cleaning’, i.e. starting a project then starting another leaving previous project lying round (I’m a  Gemini, I like starting lots of projects), and decided it was time to tackle my bar area.


Theme- a combination of my two favorite things, books and cocktails.


We also had these vintage decanters sitting around in a closet, so I dusted them off and was able to replace some of the bulky liquor bottles.

The Boyfriend is apparently known for drinking Maker’s, so every holiday we receive about 3-4 bottles as gifts.   I put all the extraneous bottles in the pantry, which now looks like a distillery.  I need to find some bourbon summer cocktail recipes or else everyone is getting re-gifted Maker’s this year.

 bookcase 2

After all this polishing and cleaning, I think I need a drink.  And a manicure.

owl wine opener{love my little owlie opener, aesthetically great but functionality is not a strongpoint}

Now what other projects can I start…


AF&B cocktailI had an amazing twist on the classic Manhattan yesterday out cocktailing with my mom.

I love old-school cocktails, especially anything made with bourbon.


~ bourbon, angostura, sweet vermouth, maraschino cherry ~

Cocktail night!

nomnomnom…Saturday Breakfast


It’s time to use all the food in the house before I head to the grocery store this afternoon.


Still eating Whole30, I made quick sautéed sweet potatoes, onion, jalapeños with poached eggs on top.

Now off to the grocery store again.

A Recipe Book for the Ages…


Over the holidays while visiting The Boyfriend’s family, I saw his mom had a Better Homes & Garden Cook Book.  Hers was one of the old school red and white gingham binders from the 70’s, stuffed to the brim with hand written notes and yellow fraying recipes from years of use.

I loved it.


So while out stocking up on glassware last week, I came across the perfect little book to hold all my future recipes.  I’ve always heard the best ones come from word of mouth, from tried and true recipes passed down from generation to generation.  And now I have the perfect little book to hold all of them.


As I perused her recipes, a collection amassed from the last 20-30 years from friends, family and magazines, I realized (thankfully) food has drastically changed over the years.  Most of her older recipes involved a jar of mayonnaise or some form of gelatin, neither which is one of my favorite ingredients.

Except I do like my frenchie frites and aioli…


And while I did receive Fifty Shade of Kale for Christmas, I agree that family recipes are usually the best.

But for some reason, I’m thinking Fifty Shades of Kale isn’t as interesting as its predecessor.