Vintage Crates…Garden Style

french crates- gardenNot that I’m going all ‘shabby chic’, I like to think of myself as more a ‘cool modern/contemporary’ type person, but after moving I have been having to re-evaluate our living space.  Before our house was all cement, glass and chrome, now it’s marble and wood finishings.

But in the trade off, I now have a yard.

 I have been looking for some vintage crates to put in a garden outside, you can easily find anywhere online like Etsy, etc.  I was thinking of filling with seasonal flowers, and luckily my adorable flower shop around the corner currently has tons of lavender and hyacinth.

Maybe I have a green thumb after all.


Interiors…The Bar

bar areaI recently moved, and oddly enough, even as the movers were bringing things in and carting the unwanted back out, I decide it was a good a time as any to set up my bar area.  Because, God only knows, when you’re moving, you need a drink.

bar cartI collect vintage cocktail glasses, focus on mid-century, and have amassed quite an assortment.  And, as I learned when moving, I have too many books.  Actually, what I really learned when moving was I have too many things in general.

But since we were moving, I donated probably hundreds of books (did I really need two Twlight books?  Did I really even need one?) as the space is smaller in the new living are so a couple book cases had to go.

barSo this seemed the perfect way to utilize the space I had.  Bookcase/bar.

I still have too many books, they’re secretly hidden everywhere.  And apparently, I have too much liquor.  I’m joking, we all know you can never have too much liquor.

As I look at the picture above, I realize while you can always have too many copies of Twilight, you can never have too many bottles of Maker’s.


FleaPop…Online Thrift

The Boyfriend and I are contemplating moving.  And, unfortunately, when contemplating a new move, it makes me contemplate all new furniture.

fleapop- 40s teal dresser

{1940’s vintage teal dresser}

Now I need all new furniture.

Actually, The Boyfriend has been trying to teach me over the last five years the difference between ‘wanting’ something and ‘needing’ something.  I’m still learning but I’m pretty sure this is one of those ‘need’ situations.

barrel wine rack

{wine rack from vintage wine barrels}

I found this site on Refinery 29, which is another fave of mine, for amazing online flea market shopping.  FleaPop, based out of Santa Monica, is quasi-Etsy-esque in its concept and design but it has amazing home decor, furniture and antiques.

fleapop- vintage produce crates

{1950’s vintage produce crates}

I love flea markets just as much as the next person but they make me feel kind of like I need a shower once I leave, like I’m dusty.  So this is obviously the best alternative.  Online Flea Markets.  Honestly, you can do anything on the internet.

They have incredibly amazing finds, from vintage Knoll chairs (my mom is an interior designer, I notice things like that) to antique candelabras and vintage reproduction light bulbs.  I don’t need it all, like the guy who only makes leather pillows with Jesus hand painted on each, but I need most of it.

fleapop- vases

{saffron serpentine vase}

So maybe I am looking forward to a new move.  Of maybe just new furniture…

A Vintage Gem…

vintage clutch

Since I am a wonderful girlfriend, I offered to drop off the Boyfriend for his flight to New Orleans yesterday.

My favorite vintage shop is on the way home.

vintage clutch close up

I love vintage shops and antique stores.  Finding pieces rich in history or just something I know no one else will have always makes the digging worth the while.

I’m picky (in regards to everything) so I feel it’s 95% crap, 5% gold.  But it’s a lot of digging that I normally don’t have the patience for.

vintage clutch and mirror

I found this, very 40’s, La Regale gorgeous fold-over seed bead clutch in ivory.  It will be perfect for Easter brunch with my mom.

Reminds me of all the things I used to play with in my grandmothers closet when I was young.  My closet is going to be under lock and key when I have kids.

In my sunny future…

bow swim suit

I don’t know if it’s a product of the weather being so nasty this week (Valentine’s Day in my rain boots = not ideal) but I have been craving a little time in the sun.

On a beach.

With a rum cocktail.

bow swim suit-2

I think my sun craving also stems from the fact my best friend just got back from St. Barth’s (actually I’m sure that had a lot to do with it).  I need a vacae and all I have in the books are two trips to NY, to which a friend there just informed me it’s been snowing/sleeting/raining.


bow swim suit-3

So in the meantime, these adorable little Australian made bikinis will do.  The designer says they go from pool side to boudoir but I think my vintage fabric clad derrière will remain pool side.

I can’t decide between floral and sunshine yellow.  Although both would be cutest…

Pita Pata Diva Vintage Boudoir

Traveling in Style…

plane dress

{cardigan, Tracy Reese; vintage dress; boots, J Crew}


Lately, I’ve found myself in and out of airports and noticed that not too many people dress up to travel anymore.

Once I saw a woman in sweats (click here for Karl Lagerfeld’s view of sweats- love him) and those sponge curlers.  We were surprised she got through security, but then again I guess there’s no metal.

Honestly, who are you going to see thats so important to curl your hair but the hundreds of people you come across in the meantime see your curlers?  I don’t get it.

plane dress close up

Regardless, this made me rethink the way I dress to travel.  I’m thinking similar to what I wear for happy hour drinks with friends; dressy casual.  And, as always, I love to mix prints; stripes & animal prints- my current fave.

Unfortunately more often than not, I book my tickets on the late side so there’s always a strong possibility I will get stuck in a middle seat.  Whereas I used to bring my laptop, iPad, magazines and a book, I’ve now settled just for a book.  I’m streamlining.

Stress-free traveling?  It doesn’t exist.  But I can at least take out my curlers…

Packing for Paris…


Packing is one of my least favorite things to do, especially since I’m pretty terrible at it.  I always remember the things I don’t need and never bring the things I do.

A friend of mine has a similar distaste for packing, joking on her last trip she remembered her ball gown and roller skates but forgot her toiletries.


Thank god Paris will be cold, I finally get to wear things the 80 degree Texas days have been hindering.   So Christmas evening I will be wearing my grandmother’s vintage velvet Pucci maxi skirt.

Joyeux Noel…


This site is amazing, girlie yet bohemian, mixing everyday wears with high end one of a kind pieces.




I love the luxe boho feel of the rhinestone elastic headband.  I recently bought a wig from the famous Fifi Mahoney’s in the French Quarter of New Orleans (I buy a new one every time we go, I already have next trips picked out) that looks exactly like the silver one above but blonde.  Now I see I desperately I need a rhinestone headband too.

If all things I cherish (chiffon bows, sparkly hair combs, vintage one of a kind, floral head bands) was placed on one website, this would be it.  Fab over-the-top pieces mixed in with everyday things makes for a great place for gifts.

So I can pick up a few Christmas presents for others from here but also add a couple things to my Christmas List.  Win-win.


Date Night…50’s Style

I love that black winged eyeliner is big for fall.  This time of year, when the weather starts to cool, I love getting dressed up.  So since The Boyfriend and I had to work all weekend, we decided to have a low key date night.

Time to dress up.

{winged liquid eyeliner & pale pink gloss}

{Hunter Dixon Peppy Coat, vintage dress}

It’s finally cool enough for opaque tights and tall heels, one of my favorite if not absolute favorite looks for the fall season.  So I went with a girlie military coat and a little vintage dress (little because it was accidentally thrown into the laundry pile…).  And I was ready for a date.

Honestly, the coat is my most treasured piece of clothing in my closet.  Well, that and my grandmothers velvet Pucci maxi skirt from the 60’s.  That I’m saving for holiday parties.

Bourbon, bitters and passion fruit purée.  Yum…

Forget work.

For the Love of Vintage…

A good antique store/vintage shop is kind of hard to find in my area so I was definitely interested when I got an invitation from Val to come visit her shop.

Normally to find good vintage I have to head over the Greenville or Deep Ellum in Dallas but it seems my prayers have been answered.  The shop is overflowing with what you expect to find, costume jewelry, clothing, cocktail glasses, art work and more, all scattered among other odds and ends to rifle through.

My mom and I were having a shopping/afternoon drinks kind of day so we decided to drop in.  Unfortunately my mom deterred me from buying these amazing little champagne glasses in frosted peach etched glass.  Which are a perfect addition to my ever-growing collection of vintage cocktail glasses.

Thank goodness I don’t have any plans this weekend because it seems as if I will be heading back out there.

Until several years ago I was anti-vintage shopper, I didn’t really understand why someone wouldn’t rather have something new.  I also didn’t appreciate al the digging and time it could take.  After finding several interesting vintage and antique shops I slowly felt my preference for new being replaced with a preference for pieces with history.  It’s kind of like buying local and handmade, it  reaches a part of you that something brand new doesn’t.


So back to the present, since apparently I can never leave a shop without getting something, I found this amazing print from 1968.  It has a place of honor next to my Versace print from the Met, which I realized is now vintage too.  Only because I have owned it for so long.

Not sure what I think of that…