happy fourth…

chia breakfast


In the spirit of trying to be healthy, I’ve taken to eating chia and fresh fruit for breakfast.  And in the spirit of the fourth, I color coordinated my breakfast.

This time last year I think I already had a cocktail in my hand out on a boat somewhere, so this seems like a step in the right (less fun) direction.

Happy Fourth!

nomnomnom…Edamame ‘Hummus’



Several years ago when traveling in Houston, I had to eat by myself at a sushi restaurant; it was my first time ever eating alone.

And I remember while leaving thinking that I must make for some boring company (I couldn’t even keep myself entertained, I think I read like eight magazines), I also left with a new way to make hummus.


It’s super simple.

Anything where the food processor does all the work and I don’t have to go near the oven is always especially great.


Not to mention it’s Whole30 friendly.

Replace chickpeas with edamame then add lemon, garlic, cilantro and olive oil.

edamame hummus


Whole 30…Week One


Week One.

While I really enjoy this diet (or as I am starting to realize it’s more a complete lifestyle overhaul) there might be a drawback or two.  When one is accustom to spending the weekends going for cocktails and long dinners (and maybe a cocktail afterwards), what does one do when they can’t eat or drink out?

So I might go a little stir crazy on weekends, but during the week I’m fine.  I say that but let me not get ahead of myself.  It’s week one.

mocktailsBut that said, I have perused the internets and every blog ever dedicated to Whole30 looking for solutions.  Mocktail anyone?

So as we get ready for a day of college football, I made my new version of the beloved vodka soda.  Swap delicious Belvedere for kombucha.  While it’s not quite the same, it’s the best I can really do at this point.

Funny enough, we bought a coconut thinking it would be of some use in this diet.  It’s not.  So after battling the coconut for 45 minutes, it was finally cracked open, to which we then had the realization there was nothing to do with it.  So I went online and found cocktail recipes for coconut water that also used shredded coconut.  I guess that will be for the Saints game tomorrow.

Oh, wine.  I miss you.

And cupcakes.