wine wins every time…

I came across this pic, posted by Vogue (originally posted by Poppy Delevingne) as one of the top 10 instagrams of the summer.

LM Fernandez 3

I rarely disagree with anything Vogue tells me.

I heart everything about this photo; the neon pink bougainvillea, the Charlotte Olympia kitty clutch, but most of all, the swim suit.

LM Fernandez

I did some instagram stalking and found the Lisa Marie Fernandez website.  For $450, this little gem could be yours.  

Spending $450 on a swim suit (I would wear twice) would eat too much into my wine budget.  As I’m getting more responsible with age, I realize it’s important to prioritize.        

Now fashionably on Instagram…

September Issues{morning reads~ time for the September Issues}

Not that I don’t love taking pictures of the jewelry I make, I mean it is what pays(esque) the bills, but I wanted another account for fashion, travel, food, design, etcetcetc.

Follow @lovemodernvintage and enjoy…

DIY…Versailles Mirror

Like I’ve  aforementioned somewhere in this blog (I believe I was spray painting something or another), give me a glass of prosecco, a can of spray paint and a glue gun…get out of my way.

 spray paint mirror final


Final product.

I have been sloooowly trying to update the second bedroom but with little luck.  I’ve been “busy”, but this was a nice start.

My mom offered me an old mirror she had above her mail table and I had originally thought it was too traditional aesthetically for our place, which is extremely contemporary.  It just needed a little updating.

spray paint mirror

I texted this pic to my friend who thought I was making a giant fashion collage.  Seeing as she was patio drinking I ignored that comment and informed her this was a serious art project.

So I went outside and hosed down the mirror in gold.  Similar to pieces I saw at Versailles.  Just kidding, this was better.

spray paint mirror 2


It’a amazing what a $4 can of spray paint and a non-hungover Saturday can do.

I honestly need to move, I live way too close to a Michael’s Craft Store.

Flouro for Spring ’13…

Sitting on my couch reading Vogue and drinking pinot (otherwise known as my regular evening routine), I came across an article about make-up trends for Spring ’13.

Normally I don’t pay too much attention unless it’s about mascara or glosses (I’m a lash and lip girl), but I was ecstatic to see fluorescents are the new thing.

Vogue- Flouro

To say I love neon pink would be an epic understatement, like saying I like fruity pebbles in my frozen yogurt.  I love fruity pebbles in my frozen yogurt.

Pink day planner, wallet, lip gloss…the list is on-going and it’s endless.

OCC Lip Tar- Nylon

I came across this lip gloss from OCC via Pinterest and ordered from Sephora.  Highly pigmented with a slight hint of metallic sheen.  I’m a little nervous about the goo-factor considering the name ‘Tar’ but if the color is that gorgeous in person, I can deal with goo.

A friend of mine gave me her old Chanel lipstick, sadly now out of production, which sounds strange to take someone else’s lipstick but the color was so amazing I couldn’t say no.  It was a cream matte and in a bright bold pink.  I loved it until the day I had one too many glasses of chardonnay with friends and left it on a patio.

Pink lipstick…you will be missed.

Chanel L'Eclatante

So to relieve my agony over losing the best lipstick ever, I went to Neimans to see what new things Chanel had to offer.  To replace the old color I had, apparently other people had been asking as well, they now offer L’Eclatante.  A new neon pink creme lipstick.


Chanel- Spring 13 Nails

They also have these gorgeous new nail colors for Spring ’13.  They always have the best colors, old-school Vamp still being my personal fave.

Spring…I’ll be ready.