antique shopping…

Along my running path this morning, I found cluster of antique shops and restoration stores.

Kind of like a mix of junk slash refinished antiques.antique store

Truly the type of stores I need to stay out of.  I’m not sure how much “junk” one can own, but apparently it’s a lot.

pink cabinet- antique

And I have another flower market coming up this weekend so I’ve been looking for little antique/vintage pots and containers for flowers and herbs.

junk- antique store

Which unfortunately leads to the thought process, “well this would look good in my house.”

Or “let’s spray paint that neon pink.”  It’s alarming how many things I want to spray paint pink.  Actually, it’s alarming how many things I’ve already spray painted pink.

flamingo- antique store

I mean, a neon pink flamingo?  Don’t hate it…

Vintage Shopping…

vintage shop-2

Sometimes you just want to shop.  It’s like an impulse, I think there might be something wrong with my brain.

Honestly, I need more clothes like I need bankruptcy.

And jewelry? Being a jewelry designer, it’s all over the house.  As I type, I could probably reach my hand in the couch cushions and pull out some earrings.

vintage shop

Every morning, on my way to get coffee, I manage to at least get one or two pieces of turquoise embedded in my foot.  I’m sure The Boyfriend loves it.  I know President Kitty does.

Regardless, sometimes you just want something new.  Well, new to me.  So I went vintage shopping.  Then I went to Sephora…

FleaPop…Online Thrift

The Boyfriend and I are contemplating moving.  And, unfortunately, when contemplating a new move, it makes me contemplate all new furniture.

fleapop- 40s teal dresser

{1940’s vintage teal dresser}

Now I need all new furniture.

Actually, The Boyfriend has been trying to teach me over the last five years the difference between ‘wanting’ something and ‘needing’ something.  I’m still learning but I’m pretty sure this is one of those ‘need’ situations.

barrel wine rack

{wine rack from vintage wine barrels}

I found this site on Refinery 29, which is another fave of mine, for amazing online flea market shopping.  FleaPop, based out of Santa Monica, is quasi-Etsy-esque in its concept and design but it has amazing home decor, furniture and antiques.

fleapop- vintage produce crates

{1950’s vintage produce crates}

I love flea markets just as much as the next person but they make me feel kind of like I need a shower once I leave, like I’m dusty.  So this is obviously the best alternative.  Online Flea Markets.  Honestly, you can do anything on the internet.

They have incredibly amazing finds, from vintage Knoll chairs (my mom is an interior designer, I notice things like that) to antique candelabras and vintage reproduction light bulbs.  I don’t need it all, like the guy who only makes leather pillows with Jesus hand painted on each, but I need most of it.

fleapop- vases

{saffron serpentine vase}

So maybe I am looking forward to a new move.  Of maybe just new furniture…

Shopping avec ma Mère…

french lavendar

This past Friday, my mom and I took a little shopping trip to Dallas.

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with work, new business ventures and more work so I thought a little shopping excursion would be the perfect creativity pick-me-up.

Oh, and cocktails.


We went in shop after adorable shop in the Bishop Art’s District.  They have so many amazing home decor stores, not to mention giftie boutiques, vintage shops and a couple galleries.

It’s hard not to find something I need every time I go.  To which The Boyfriend reminded me of the last time I said I “needed” something I found there, that we didn’t, in fact, ‘need’ a zebra hide throw rug.  Differing opinions to say the least.

drinks-bees knees

{Bee’s Knees~ gin, lemon and a touch of honey}

We dropped in Oddfellow’s for lunch and decided on a cocktail (or two).  I had the Bee’s Knees and my mom had her first ever Moscow Mule.  I forgot how much I like gin, so perfect for summer.

gypsy wagon

After lunch we dropped in a couple of my favorite antique stores on Knox Henderson.  Also peeked in one of my favorite eclectic boutiques in Dallas, Gypsy Wagon.  An array of home, bohemian clothing, jewels and accessories, I always find something (or several things) I need.

Well, ‘need’ in my opinion.  Who doesn’t need a rose gold silk and silver beaded boho hair crown?

A Vintage Gem…

vintage clutch

Since I am a wonderful girlfriend, I offered to drop off the Boyfriend for his flight to New Orleans yesterday.

My favorite vintage shop is on the way home.

vintage clutch close up

I love vintage shops and antique stores.  Finding pieces rich in history or just something I know no one else will have always makes the digging worth the while.

I’m picky (in regards to everything) so I feel it’s 95% crap, 5% gold.  But it’s a lot of digging that I normally don’t have the patience for.

vintage clutch and mirror

I found this, very 40’s, La Regale gorgeous fold-over seed bead clutch in ivory.  It will be perfect for Easter brunch with my mom.

Reminds me of all the things I used to play with in my grandmothers closet when I was young.  My closet is going to be under lock and key when I have kids.