My New Fave Accessory…Flash Tattoos

I love a great tattoo (on someone else).

For me, I need mine a little less permanent.

flash tattoos 2

These gorgeous temporary pieces by Flash Tattoos are my most favoritest accessory I’ve found in a loooong time.  Lasts 4-6 days and you get four sheets of designs for around $20.

flash tatoos

They’re perfect for an upcoming island trip with friends to St. Thomas next month.

Since I’m flying Spirit (after promising myself “never again” twice) I need to pack light.  And being a jewelry designer, that can get impossibly hard.

I think for Mardi Gras I packed 37 bangles and never ended up wearing any; they clashed with my beads.

Flash Tattoo 3So this gives me a little luxe-boho without having to overpack (impossible!).

That means with the extra room I save on jewelry, I can pack extra headbands.

Summer Break for Adults…

As it inevitably does in fashion, my work slows down this time of year and around Christmastime.  It’s like being in school, I have a summer and winter break.  I haven’t decided if this is a good thing or a really bad thing but I’m currently letting myself believe it’s a good one.

I’ve been trying to put a list together of some things to do over my “summer break” (dear Lord, The Boyfriend is going to kill me when he hears I’m on a three month self-imposed vacay) and came up with some pretty good ideas.






since last year I chucked my Nikon in favor of iPhone pics.  Need to look into swapping back…





since the last thing I sewed was a pair of ill-fitting men’s pajamas in college…





to get the creative juices flowing, like a creative kick in the rear…




wine glasses

no need for a description, love me some wine…




Rosetta Stone

and by french lessons, I mean finish the french lessons I started last year…


I have three months.  Time to get back to work…

Destination…New Orleans

Last minute, The Boyfriend and I decided to take a little vacae to New Orleans.  He is from there so it’s always fun to get to see parts of the city other than tourist traps.

New Orleans is one of my fave cities to shop.  As well as eat…and have cocktails.  I guess it’s just one of my favorite cities in general because whenever we visit I never want to leave.

Every time we come into the city I always want to go to a psychic but have never actually gone through with it.  I should have seeing as this one was 99% accurate but still am not totally sure I really want to know.

Now I’m home.  I feel four days in New Orleans takes about a year off your life.  I’m recuperating…