Fashion…Peek at Pre-Fall 2012

{Matthew Williamson, Tracy Reese & Valentino}

Even though I still have pre-spring, spring and summer to get through, I can’t wait for Pre-Fall 2012.

It’s one of my favorite seasons, I love when the air starts to cool so you can throw a cashmere cardi over dresses.  Oh I love long sleeve dresses.

These are some of my favorites from Pre-Fall.  I guess I’ll start planning my wardrobe…

Fashion…Black & White

{dress, Tracy Reese}

I co-hosted an engagement shower this weekend and when it comes to cocktail parties I never really know what to wear.  I revert back to high school and usually text friends and ask what they’re wearing.

But I have been dying to wear this TR dress and hadn’t had the opportunity yet.  I love anything backless and this little silk jersey dress had the lingerie inspired trend for spring, along with the high/low hem.  Black and white, add tons of gold jewelry and I was set.

The Boyfriend joked that I looked like a fashion parolee.


{pre-party routine}

The Boyfriend and I went to a wedding of a friend last night and the night was absolutely perfect.  The bride was gorgeous and the reception was ridiculously fun.

I was channeling a 50’s vibe so I wore my favorite jacquard dress, winged my eyeliner and wore my biggest lashes (Winks by Georgie) to get the full effect.

Now I need another weekend to recover from this one…


Fashion…Front Row Tracy Reese Runway Show

It was incredible

I have been working Dallas Market this week and last night was able to attend the Tracy Reese runway show.

I have been working with the new TR collection since going up to NY several weeks ago but getting to see the the line on a runway and styled out by Tracy was quite the experience.

Fashion…Vintage Glamour

{dress, Tracy Reese; shoes, Manolo Blahnik}

This is one of my favorite pieces to wear when I want to instantly feel dressed up.  It doesn’t need any accessories, it’s just a dress.  I pair with little burgundy Manolo D’ Orsay pumps and diamond studs.

I feel the cape sleeves have a very 40’s glamour-feel and anything backless I instantly love.  But topped off with the little bow, of course it has to be one of my favorites.

Date Night…Dinner with Friends…and wine

{Times Ten Cellars}

My evening started here with drinks with one of my favorite friends.  The weather has finally cooled down so it was perfect for patio drinks.  The Boyfriend and her fiancé joined us and we relocated to one of my favorite restaurants, Fireside Pies (I actually ate there the night before as well…).

I wore my favorite little lace dress from Plenty by Tracy Reese; I’m beginning to wonder if every dress I own is this silhouette.  There seems to be a reoccurring theme in my closet…

New Obsession…Peter Pan Collars

{Tracy Reese Crystal Collar}

I have had this awhile but haven’t exactly been sure of where/how to wear it.  The opportunity finally arose in Vegas as I noticed you can apparently wear absolutely whatever you want there.

 I have been dying to wear this.  It’s a satin, crystal encrusted collar (and I am normally not a crystal person) with etched beaded detail.

I love the vintage-esque feel to it.  Very 40’s glamour.

Fashion…Toile & Leather

{Cynthia Steffe leather jacket, maxi Tracy Reese}

I have been a little concerned about the outcome of my leather shorts last week so I have been thinking of ways to subtly work leather into my girlie wardrobe.

I love this CS leather jacket, complete with a little peplum ruffle, but never wear it.  I feel in the winter it looks to harsh (I am really pale)  so I decided to pair back to Spring maxis.

I have this amazing backless toile chiffon maxi that I also never wear and after seeing the pairings of leather and chiffon designers did for Pre-Spring 2012 I decided to give it a go.  I think it cuts the toughness of the leather (as do the ruffles) and the intensity of the toile.

Now I apparently just need to fix my hair color….



{Frock by Tracy Reese dress,; Charles Davis shoes}

For the  upcoming Fall season I have been feeling more flowy seventies style frocks over my normally very girlie look.   More Stevie Nicks less floral and lace.  Well, only a little less floral and lace.

It must be a phase.  I am extremely un-bohemian.

I guess I haven’t strayed too far from my girlie ways, I did have my tailor crop off over a foot and a half from the hem (he was very nervous but I reassured him there is no such thing as too short) so I am feeling a little more preppy-bohemian.