Sometimes it’s nice to stay home and take your vacation there.  And it’s even nicer when you get to stay and call the Monteleone your home for the weekend.

My mom came in for a short visit; she might have stayed back in Texas had she known all the non-stop fun we were going to have.


As soon as she landed, I took her to see the house we just finished remodeling.  She “oohhhed” and “aahhed” and that was the only productive thing we did all weekend.  After that we checked in and the weekend became a blur of cocktails and restaurants.

monteleone christmas

{Monteleone lobby}

We twirled around the Carousel Bar, had Gin Fizzes at the Sazerac (I actually had two because my mom did not care for hers), oysters at Cafe Amelie and Pimms at The Columns.

french quarter

We wandered the French Quarter, stopped in Lafitte’s (the oldest bar in America, not to mention where someone is now the proud new owner of my credit card), went to the open air French Market along with more general touristy shenanigans.

And in the end as much as I hated to see her go, my liver needed a much deserved break and I was ready to get out of the French Quarter.

A little bit of that place goes a looong way.

DIY…Chandelier Coffee Cups

I honestly thought I could go the rest of my life and never attach ‘DIY’ to anything that I do.  Well, the day has come.

My favorite place in New Orleans to have a drink (preferably when its cooler and you can sit out on the balcony) is The Columns Hotel.  It’s a gorgeous white mansion with a huge wrap around porch and a giant balcony over looking St. Charles.  I have always been obsessed with a chandelier they have in their dining room and decided to master it drawing it.

Add that with my coffee addiction and I thought it was a great match, so I freehanded the chandelier onto little scalloped coffee and cappuccino mugs.

It’s so easy, just draw whatever you want and bake them at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  Voila…