Getting Beach Ready…

beach tote

Aside from working out (I would say I’m too busy, but let’s be honest…I’m not) I’m trying to get beach ready.

New H&M striped bikini?  Check.

Gorgeous handmade turquoise necklace?  Check.  I like to accessorize- think colorful jewelry, not swim suit in stilettos.

Latest Travel & Leisure? Check.  I need to plan my next adventure; I was thinking Thailand but The Boyfriend said no.

So I’m still looking for a destination.  But at least I’m ready…

DVF & Roxy…time for some sun

As the weather gets warmer, my mindset has gotten stuck.

Parties poolside, impromptu beach escapes and  summer cocktails seem to be the frontrunners while markets, jewelry making and working in general have been relegated to the back burner.

DVF Roxy

Along with the gorgeous sunny weather, this seems to be the culprit.

Diane Von Furstenberg & Roxy?  Yes please…


The prints are totally adorbs and they are even making great cover-ups and beach totes.  All very reasonably priced.

I have been thinking about a fun one piece for this summer but hadn’t found one I liked.  I love the cutouts and tie back on this one, finally way to make the one piece cute but sexy.  All the ones I have found so far are terrible tankini-esque.

dvf:roxy one piece

  But a bikini for around less than $100?  I guess it’s time to get ready for summer.

Now to actually find my way to a treadmill…

In my sunny future…

bow swim suit

I don’t know if it’s a product of the weather being so nasty this week (Valentine’s Day in my rain boots = not ideal) but I have been craving a little time in the sun.

On a beach.

With a rum cocktail.

bow swim suit-2

I think my sun craving also stems from the fact my best friend just got back from St. Barth’s (actually I’m sure that had a lot to do with it).  I need a vacae and all I have in the books are two trips to NY, to which a friend there just informed me it’s been snowing/sleeting/raining.


bow swim suit-3

So in the meantime, these adorable little Australian made bikinis will do.  The designer says they go from pool side to boudoir but I think my vintage fabric clad derrière will remain pool side.

I can’t decide between floral and sunshine yellow.  Although both would be cutest…

Pita Pata Diva Vintage Boudoir

Summer Sunnies…Dior


I usually go crazy over sunnies during summer, and this summer has proven no exception.

My boyfriend gave me and amazing crystal clear pair from Super in May and I’m still jonesing for more.   I found these vintage-y adorable ones from Dior, bright pink tinged with animal print.

So 50’s, love…

Must Have…Seersucker

My mom sent me a link to J Crew’s new swim collection.


I am normally not a terribly big fan of seersucker but I thought this was absolutely adorable.  But…

…then I saw it in pink.  I love the classic fabric mixed with the classic silhouette, I think swim suits are too revealing these days.

Oh, and the ruffles.  Sold…