New Favorite…Top Shop

I feel as if I have been looking for these my entire life…

In Chicago, I finally made my way into Top Shop for the first time.  Three floor of absolute heaven.

It’s like a small girlie/hipster-esque department store; everything you could possibly need.  Shoes, dresses, jeans, make up, lingerie… the list is endless.

When I saw these, I knew we were meant for each other.

Did I just quit my job?  Yes.  And…?

Must Have…Velvet Valentinos

What isn’t the best idea after you quit your job?

Investing your new free time in perusing all the nouvelle arrivée on the Net-A-Porter website.

But these delicate velvet Valentino sandals are gorgeous.  I did save a little while working…


If someone would have told me a year ago, or let alone even six months ago, that I would become a lover of vintage clothing, I would have disagreed.  Strongly.

But tonight after finding several dresses in a vintage shop off Greenville Avenue in Dallas, I finally came to the realization, that vintage shopping, similar to a sale in the shoe salon at Neimans, is somewhat of a sport.  One that I think I am starting to master.

I mastered expensive shoe shopping a long time ago…



I am the worst packer.  My mother likes to tell people the story of taking me to New York  for the first time and she let me pack myself.  I brought like nine skirts and 20 bottles of nail polish.  That was it…

Fast forward to current day and the situation hasn’t improved much.  I have been pretty busy the last couple weeks with preparing for markets, so I tried to start packing three or four days ago to alleviate a little of the stress of last minute packing.

So today when I checked to see how far along I had gotten, I saw in four days time I had only managed to pack five pair of shoes, one pair being running shoes (I honestly don’t know who I’m kidding…).

Now I’m back to stressful packing.  I’ll probably end up throwing in four more pair of shoes in there and call it a day.

New Obsession…Yves Saint Laurent Wedges

There is something about buying something preseason that is irresistible.  I want these.

{Pre-Spring Yves Saint Laurent Wedges;}

I have a mild obsession with wedges, with pumps and with floral poppy print.  So roll all my likes into one and I have my newfound Pre-Spring obsession.  I emailed back and forth with one of my best friends today about a wish list for Christmas.

I think I just made mine…



New Obsession…Charlotte Olympia

I have always had an obsession with platforms and wedges but am also over the platform/pump look of Louboutin.  This has renewed my lust for expensive wedges…{Tessa Platform,, $895}

I fell in love with these red velvet platforms at Neiman’s, I think they will be fun for Fall with black tights and a little black mini dress.  The Boyfriend is begging me not to do it…

{Carmen Wedges,, sold out}

These were my favorite pair from the Summer 2011 Collection, just a great neutral raffia.  Perfect addition to any sundress but, unfortunately, seem to be sold out everywhere.

So I think the velvet cats are a must have, I’m sure The Boyfriend will understand.

Fashion…Milk & Honey


I came cross Milk & Honey in one of the thousand magazines I read a month.  It’s brilliant.  You customize your own pair of shoes; you pick the style, heel height, color, leather, etc. and they create them for you.   Glitter?  Check.  Bows?  Check.  Studs?  Check. 

While it isn’t quite instant gratification, the production time is 6-9 weeks, you get exactly what you want.  I am getting a pair of tall mary janes in pale beige suede.  With bows, of course.   

So the Valentino’s I have been saving for are not quite a distant memory.  Milk & Honey is amazing but Valentino is Valentino…