Top 5…Paris Fashion Week

My gorgeous top five from last week’s Autumn/Winter 2013 shows in Paris…

Alexis Mabille a:w 13

{Alexis Mabille}

Ulyana Sergenko a:w 13

{Ulyana Sergeenko}

Elie Saab a:w 13

{Elie Saab}

Maison Martin Margiela a:w 13

{Maison Martin Margiela}

valentino a:w 13


While in Paris I tried to convince The Boyfriend to go to a Haute Couture exhibit with me.  We didn’t end up going but we did manage to recently make our way to the official UFO Museum in Roswell on our way to Santa Fe.  Trust me, I don’t miss the irony in that one.

So I’m back to refreshing my french and saving my euros.  Haute Couture Museum in Paris, here I come…

Miracle Mud…Santa Fe

Miracle Mud- church


{El Santuario de Chimayo}

Normally while in Santa Fe, I just eat and drink my way through the city.  Margaritas and christmas style everything.  But this time I managed to accomplish a couple of other things while continuing to eating and margarita my way through.

After a hike at Nanbé (my legs are still sore), we went to a little sanctuary located in Chimayo known for its countless miracles spanning the past several hundred years.  Walls of the church are lined in crutches and hundreds of pictures, signs of past miracles left for travels to see.

Miracle Mud- ziplock

You stand in a short line to get into a small room with a little hole in the ground about the size of a watermelon.  You dig out a little dirt (or a lot, seeing as someone showed up with a gallon milk jug) from the ever-replenishing site.  We rummaged through the car and finally found a couple zip locks and made our way in.

Miracle Mud

Once I got home I realized I can’t keep a ziplock of dirt lying around, regardless that it’s miraculous qualities.  So I found a little antique hand painted japanese clay pot my grandmother gave me.  Now my little miracle holder.

Santa Fe Wine & Chile…

{view from house}

My weekend was so amazing I’m just now able to focus and write about it.  We stayed at The Boyfriend’s parent’s home in Santa Fe for the annual Wine & Chile event, which I will now be attending every year.  With perfect 75 degree days, a back drop of the mountains and someone giving me glass after glass of amazing wine (Ramey Claret~ more, please), they couldn’t keep me away.

{tents at the event}

Over 75 restaurants and 100 wineries attended and it was rumored that about 40,000 people came in for the event, which obviously attributed to the fact we couldn’t rent a car.  So, like we were in New York, we cabbed it everywhere.  Which as we learned, Santa Fe only has three cab drivers.  Who we now call friends.

I’m going to be updating my ‘travel diaries’ over the next couple days but as I go back through the hundred or so pictures I took over the weekend, I realized that all sunsets pretty much look the same.  Time to edit…

Oh travel…

My love of traveling is only slighted by my distaste for packing.  And unpacking.

This weekend we are headed off to Santa Fe for the annual Wine & Chile Fest.  To begin with, I’m a terrible packer, but when going somewhere where it’s almost 80 degrees during the day and in the lower 40s at night, I panic.

Panic packing does not make for good clothing choices…

{dress, Hunter Dixon}

Although this time I have been saved by my favorite label, Hunter Dixon.  I have been dying to wear this adorable little textured wool and ponti dress but the weather in Texas has been working against me.  Winter white mixed with chocolate brown is one of my favorite fall combos so Santa Fe’s cooler nights will be perfect.

Except, white and wine…not usually a good combo for me.