Pink…It’s Spreading

The gravity of the situation didn’t hit me until much later.

{Roman Holiday & Hot Wired;}

I have an adorable friend in LA and we share many common interests.

A love of prosecco? Yes.

Beautiful glassware?  Also yes.

Pink lip color?  Never.

She has bright blonde hair and only wears black.  I have dark brown hair and black clothes makes me look goth (ask the guy from the resale shop from my post yesterday).  But today she informed me that ‘Roman Holiday’ lipstick by Nars made her change from a Chapstick baby to a pink lipstick wearing adult.  That was interesting because it was my ‘Hot Wired’ lip gloss pot by Nars that made me do the same on my recent trip to San Francisco.

It’s something about hot pink lip color.  It’s life changing.

Even if you only wear the color black.

And on days when my girlieness  grows to uncontrollable proportions, I pair it with Schiap polish.

Don’t judge me.

Last Night in SF…

Last night was our last night in San Francisco.

We had grandiose plans of sightseeing at the Golden Gate Bridge and getting on some kind of bus tour of the city but eventually realized we are more traveling patio drinkers than touristy types.

We went to an amazing dinner at Cafe Bastille and had drinks at an adorable little  french bar next door.  I love french bars, Lillet and champagne…yum.

Drinkies…Tiger Claws

I learned something about traveling.  College football is always there waiting for you at your destination.

San Francisco be damned, the LSU game was on yesterday.  We went to the Northstar Bar (official game watching spot for LSU fans) where they had turkey gumbo and po-boys for everyone.

Tiger Claws?  Sure, I’ll have three…

Destination…San Francisco

Normally I am an early riser.

Add that to the two hour time change and I am a super early riser.  Early enough actually to hit the Black Friday sales without having to set an alarm.

By 8 am, I have led a path of destruction through Barney’s, H&M and Sephora.  Now time for a treat…

{The Boyfriend’s hot choco from La Boulange}


New Obsession…Thrifted & Modern

Oh my god, this is amazing…

This is one of the coolest websites I have ever come across.  Thrifted & Modern is a vintage and independent designer boutique based out of San Francisco with some of the most amazing vintage finds I have ever seen.

The thing I have never cared for when it comes to vintage is how hard you have to look.  Pieces are dirty or torn, etc, but here all the work is done for you and everything is stunning.

If it’s lace or chiffon, I have to buy it.

Maybe I’ll try and hunt these people down while in San Francisco next week.