bonne année…

2013- J Crew Day Planner

{2013 planner, J Crew}

I have decided to test a new route this new year.

Normally I bog myself down with resolutions that I rarely keep, promises to do better and then try to ignore the slight guilt I feel once I finally succumb to temptation.  I believe last year I told The Boyfriend I was cutting french fries, chips and pizza out of my diet.  While that might have been a slightly aggressive line of thinking, this year I’m going to strive to be a little more general.

Astrology Chart

Although a little advice couldn’t hurt.

For Christmas, my best friend in LA was given a chart reading by a woman who works over Skype.  After hearing how eerily on point she was for my friend and her sister, I’m intrigued.  So when I get back from NY next week, I’m going to give her a call.   On the phone.  Skype to me is like Gossip Girl is to The Boyfriend.  He just doesn’t get it.

If she says something I don’t like, I can always pretend I don’t hear her.  My mom will tell you I’m extremely good at that.  Hopefully this can point me in a direction for the year.

So here’s to me being general.  For this year, more traveling and less wine on Tuesdays.  2013, here I come…

And I’m updating my travel diary everyday.  Enjoy.

Foodies…Fried Chicken & Biscuits

I have a couple resolutions to maintain but wanted to start the New Year off right.  So I made The Boyfriend fried chicken and biscuits from scratch.

I at least tried a slightly healthier version.  I have an old school recipe for fried chicken, in which coat the chicken in seasoned mayonnaise, bread it then fry it in Crisco.

It’s hard to make something that sounds like it’s going to kill you healthier but I used skinless tenders, replaced mayo with a mustard/chili mix and fried in olive oil.

To accompany my healthy fried chicken, I made free formed cheddar and dill biscuits.  I met a super talented personal chef/caterer, Callie Salls of Linguine & Dirty Martinis, at a party recently and bought some of this Strawberry & Black Pepper jam which was perfect to top the savory biscuits.


But we are back on track for a healthy New Years so it was a rude awakening this morning when The Boyfriend was given Special K and Light Silk.

Unhappy camper…