looks bad? cover it with jasmine

I apparently had a dormant gene, it was pronounced in my mom but took a bit to come to the surface in myself.  I’m a gardener.

And come to find out, a fanatical one at that.

As I lay in bed last night looking at Pinterest (is this something people still do?), I came across a website that has construction plans you can print out, then build your own garden trellises.

I was amazed.  It was amazing.

The next day, when I went to Home Depot to buy the 32 pieces of various sized, but exact in measurement, cedar plank to build this amazing trellis, I found out something else even more amazing.

Home Depot sells trellises. Already made.

Thank you Jesus.

I went about remodeling a back wall that can see into our neighbors back yard.  And while it’s cool they have a pool and all (jealous?  yes.), I don’t want to see it.  So I decided on Confederate Jasmine from Urban Roots, a vigorous and prolific climbing vine, to put on my new, already made trellises.

I’m sure my rear neighbors will appreciate it when it starts taking over their yard as well.  But having a gorgeous back wall of jasmine or making new neighbor friends?

Jasmine.  Every time.

Wildflower Details…

Not that I think The Boyfriend is going to love the addition but I have to have these for our spare bedroom.  I have been wanting to do something with the room ever since we have remodeled (which is finally almost finished).   All of our spare furniture has gone in the second bedroom.  Along with a bike.  And a spare TV.  Oh, and two console tables…sadly I could go on.

I need new linens for the bed that the dog has decided was his.  I found these at the shop Rosy Blu Handmade.  Adorable hand crafted pieces.

Maybe this will be my next project.  Spare bedroom, here I come.  Maybe I’ll paint…

Vintage French Wine Crates

I came across this company, The Wonderful Wood Company, based out of London who sells these amazing vintage wine crates.  I am thinking stacked for a side table of a piece of thick glass on top for a coffee table.

What I really need them for is storage.  God knows I need that…

Chic Coffee Accessories…

To say I am a fan of french press coffee would be a complete understatement, like saying I am a fan of having wine with dinner.

{Eileen French Press, $40; www.bodum.com}

I recently came across the website Bodum; it’s all things coffee, tea with some tabletop accessories throw in.  I have to have this gold french press, it comes in gold or silver (gold please) and three sizes, 12 oz, 17 oz and 32 oz (large please~I drink way too much coffee).

As we have been doing a complete overhaul on the house (there are boxes everywhere so I guess you can call that progress…) I have been in the market for chic accessories.

Since a french press isn’t exactly something I want to mess with every morning, I also kind of like this little electric cutiepatootie…

Remodel…Marble & Turquoise

I like traditional but I always like a little something added to make it different and a bit special.  In this case it’s the pop of turquoise.  I love adding color in anyway to the house, be it flowers, accent tables or giant coffee table books (my previous accent table).

We are slowly getting in furniture, etc, but this has been the piece I am most excited about.

This has been a project a year and a half in the making and it’s nothing like hosting a party for 40-50 people to get you in gear.


I have a thing for chandeliers.

The Boyfriend and I are in the throws of an overhaul and this was one of the things we have been deciding on for about six months.

No exaggeration.  Six months.

But is was well worth the wait.  One thing we can check off the list.


Especially pretty for our first night.

Etsy…Amazing New Find


I came across this amazing little store on Etsy.  The Boyfriend and I are currently remodeling (I know I have been saying that for a year now but this time it’s currently happening) and one of my projects is wall papering our half bath.

She takes old books and prints on the pages.  I love the juxtaposition of the yellowed paper against the colors of print.

So I’m going to buy several of these to frame and go up in the bathroom once I paper it.  We found this incredible wallpaper in House Beautiful, all hand printed  by Alpha Workshops in NY.

Boring video but gorgeous paper:


Must Have…Bar Carts

{bar cart, Studio7, 817.731.0706}

I have been on the hunt for the perfect bar cart for our house.  I found these two that I really like out shopping one day; I love the look of the chrome, it’s so modern.

My friend in LA suggested next time I am there we should hit the flea markets (I have always heard they’re amazing but didn’t discover my love of vintage/resale until recently); she always finds interesting things…

{Wright at Home, 817.989.8222}

I went on a remodeling rampage a couple of months ago and after selling majority of our furniture ran out of steam (it was significantly more time consuming than I had envisioned).  Then I began my busy season for work with traveling, etc, and lost focus.  Although, in the next month of two I’m hosting an engagement party so I am hoping to re-ignite that focus.

I do have a gorgeous array of cocktail glasses, so maybe after a drink (or two) no one will care about the lack of seating…