Cocktails…& some Pink Himalayan Salt


The Boyfriend and I are going to be out of town for Christmas so we (let’s be honest, I) have been been trying to get presents taken care of since I am normally a ‘wait til 4pm on Christmas Eve’ type of person.

I found these little pink tequila shot glasses at Uncommongoods, truly my new favorite store, carved out of pink Himalayan salt.  the glass gives you a slight salt taste when you drink so the only added accoutrement you need is a slice of lime.

I think these are so gorgeous, and although have some friends in mind that might like them, I do really want to also get a set for myself.  But I don’t really consume that much tequila.

 I mean, there was last weekend after the TCU loss that I might have had one.  And that week long trip at a resort in Mexico…