Beauty…Damaged Hair Treatments

Last September, I turned my waist length dark brown hair into shoulder length platinum hair.  The shoulder length part was not by choice, more out of necessity.  I did all this over the course of three weeks, think several 6-8 hour sessions, and my hair was damaged beyond repair and the length had to go.

To say I’m fond of hair products, masks in particular, would be an understatement (similar to my love of mascara, one can never have enough mascara).   When I had long hair, it was a constant struggle to keep it healthy and shiny.  Especially the ends.

Now that I have bleach blonde hair (I loathe that term, sounds like I should be wearing acid wash jeans and a crop top), my constant struggle is just to keep my hair connected to my head.  And for the record, I do like a good crop top so maybe that description isn’t too far off the mark.


I have tried everything under the sun, and after trial and error, here are my two loves:  coconut oil & my Oribe moisture mask.  I have my hair colored at Maison de Cheveux in New Orleans and want to kiss my stylist for suggesting these.

While contemplating the idea to change my hair color, the only testimonials I could find online (I did crazy amounts of research) were mostly stories from high schoolers (honestly the day I start taking advice from high schoolers…) and people who had accidents (i.e.- bleached their hair off).

Best thing in the world I do for my hair is sleeping in a coconut oil mask. The (ever-charming) Boyfriend refers to it as “goo-head” but you would be surprised how easy it is to ignore someone on the pursuit to better hair.

Margo goes Blondo….er.

more blondes

After non-stop traveling the last several weeks, my hair needed a re-do.

I leave tomorrow for Mardi Gras and wanted to make sure my hair was as blonde as it could be.  My track record for catching beads as a brunette is pretty dismal (zero to date), so I’m hoping this will be the catalyst that changes everything.


So almost three hours of Cosmo/Vogue/InStyle reading later…

blonde hair

I’m ready for more travel.

New Orleans here I come.

Life as a Blonde…

When I decided to go platinum, I sat down with my hairdresser and he asked if I was going through an early mid-life crisis/late quarter-life crisis.

hair- blonde

Who knows.

But it’s an interesting new chapter in my life.  Immediately after coloring my hair, it might have been a chapter I was wishing I had left un-read.  But now, at week four, I love it.

It was time for  a change.  This is also the first time I’ve had short hair for six years.  Even though it’s been four weeks, I still reach to flip my ghost hair over my shoulder.  Not there I have to keep reminding myself.

hair- blonde 2

I know I’ll look back at pictures when I’m 50, laugh and think, ‘well at least I did it.’  But in the meantime, it’s been an adjustment.  I currently still look at pictures and think, ‘who in the hell is that…’.


But I will say, before I was counting down the days til my whole30 diet was over and cocktails will be served.  Now I also countdown days til my next hair appointment.  I can’t tell now which is taking up more brain energy at this point but at least I finally have something to take away from the fact I have five more days til I can have a glass(es) of wine.

In the meantime, instead of enjoying mimosas or an amazing rosé champagne, I will have a kombucha and de-caff at Brewed.

Five days.  Or 31, depending on which countdown I am currently focusing on.

Hey Blondie…

platinum 2

The idea was planted in my head when I was in high school.

My mother, a brownie like me (or the old me I have to keep reminding myself), told me when she was in college she had a ‘mishap’ with a hair frosting cap and had to go blond all over.


Well, that was the 60’s so I was hoping the bleaching process has improved and been updated since then.  As I learned after having my hair lightening for 16 hours total, it might have but not by much.


So two days, 9 inches and 50 shades later, I’m platinum.   And while it’s still kind of jarring in the morning when I glance in the mirror to wash my face, it’s growing on me.

But that said, any suggestions on a great conditioner?