Moving In…Closet Organization

closet- rolling rack

Moving can be nightmarish.  Almost as nightmarish as downsizing your closet.


The last couple times I’ve cleaned out my closet, I’ll inevitably hold onto several pieces that I always promise myself I’ll eventually wear.  First step, those things had to go.  Second on to list of things to go, never been worn pieces still with tags on.  It was disconcerting, I think I could have been on an episode of ‘Hoarders.’

It helped having my mom there.   “I found a couple hideous things you should toss…”  We seem to sometimes have differing opinions as to what is hideous but it was still occasionally helpful.

closet- clutches

So I spent an hour (or three) perusing Pinterest looking for ways to organize my closet.   Basket of clutches?  Check.

shoes in fridge

Shoes in the fridge?  I’m thinking about it.

Considering the last time The Boyfriend cooked dinner was three years ago, I doubt he’ll notice.


Summer Pops…

coconut milk pops


I found this easy summer recipe (yes, I found it on Pinterest) to make for The Boyfriend when I get home from Louisiana.  Sooo simple, it’s just fresh fruit and frozen coconut milk.  I love the thought of adding fresh herbs, like rosemary with blackberry or thyme with fresh peaches.

Although, I’ll probably will have to stick with just fruit and coconut milk since The Boyfriend is slightly less adventurous when it comes to his ice pops…

Milk Solves Nothing…

While roaming my way through Oklahoma this week, I had a little time to myself in Tulsa.  After leaving an adorable boutique over on Cherry Street, I stumbled across The White Owl.



I mean, is 2:30 too early for a glass of Sauvignon Blanc?  Probably, but I had nothing else to do and the White Owl was calling.


alcohol solves problems


Once inside, I decided to maximize my lack of productivity and browse Pinterest on my phone, which is where I came across this gem.

It’s true.  Milk will solve none of life’s problems…try Sauvignon Blanc.

Pinterest & Pancakes

As I do most weekends, I spent far too many hours on Pinterest this past weekend.  I found a recipe for blackberry pancakes earlier in the week and emailed it to The Boyfriend asking him to make them for me.

Hmph.  I received no pancakes.

blueberry pancakes

So this weekend, The Boyfriend said blueberry pancakes sound delicious (yes, they always do when you don’t have to make them) so I went to the store and fired up Pinterest.

blueberry pancakes 2

12,000 pancake recipes later I finally found one.

Next time, he’s making pancakes…

Archetype Me Please…



It’s odd how much information I gleam from Instagram.  I follow Oscar de la Renta’s PR girl (@oscarprgirl) and she had taken the test.    I told my friend in LA to follow her because it’s a constant stream of couture, cocktails, travel and Oscar sketches.

Talk about wanting to swap lives with someone.

Anyways, since Instagram told me to, I took the quiz.  And while I loved the questions, the website is what’s amazing.  Take a quiz, get a personality assessment and then have a website created around your preferences.

I tried to answer all the questions honestly this time.  I think I normally I answer with how I would like to be perceived and end up with an assessment like, ‘ you love baking, children, working hard, working out’ and so on.

To which anyone who has ever met me will say, “interesting…when do I meet that person?”

So I was begrudgingly honest and found I am~

34%- Creative (I can live with that, I’m more of a big picture no details kind of person)

31%- Fashionista (some days)

15%- Intellectual (apparently I’m not terribly bright, everyone else I know ranked in the 40- percentile on that one)

archetypeme 2

The Pinterest inspired website site is really interesting; all books, beauty advice/products, fashion, etcetcetc, cater to my personality traits.

Now I’m off to go buy some sodoku and crosswords puzzles.

Flouro for Spring ’13…

Sitting on my couch reading Vogue and drinking pinot (otherwise known as my regular evening routine), I came across an article about make-up trends for Spring ’13.

Normally I don’t pay too much attention unless it’s about mascara or glosses (I’m a lash and lip girl), but I was ecstatic to see fluorescents are the new thing.

Vogue- Flouro

To say I love neon pink would be an epic understatement, like saying I like fruity pebbles in my frozen yogurt.  I love fruity pebbles in my frozen yogurt.

Pink day planner, wallet, lip gloss…the list is on-going and it’s endless.

OCC Lip Tar- Nylon

I came across this lip gloss from OCC via Pinterest and ordered from Sephora.  Highly pigmented with a slight hint of metallic sheen.  I’m a little nervous about the goo-factor considering the name ‘Tar’ but if the color is that gorgeous in person, I can deal with goo.

A friend of mine gave me her old Chanel lipstick, sadly now out of production, which sounds strange to take someone else’s lipstick but the color was so amazing I couldn’t say no.  It was a cream matte and in a bright bold pink.  I loved it until the day I had one too many glasses of chardonnay with friends and left it on a patio.

Pink lipstick…you will be missed.

Chanel L'Eclatante

So to relieve my agony over losing the best lipstick ever, I went to Neimans to see what new things Chanel had to offer.  To replace the old color I had, apparently other people had been asking as well, they now offer L’Eclatante.  A new neon pink creme lipstick.


Chanel- Spring 13 Nails

They also have these gorgeous new nail colors for Spring ’13.  They always have the best colors, old-school Vamp still being my personal fave.

Spring…I’ll be ready.



While I do like Pinterest, I feel the majority is about weddings and pictures of people braiding their hair.  Who know braiding your hair would become so popular.  Or so labor intensive.

But I found this pic and love the idea of mini plaits inside a larger braid.  Seems easy enough.

All this braiding still seems a bit ‘Little House of the Prarie’-esque to me but maybe I’ll come around.