thursday is not the new friday…


I woke up this morning with the excitement of it finally being Friday only to have the sharp disappointment follow with the realization today is Thursday.

So close…

beach bunny…


{lolli swim,}

Time has kind of flown by, I finally looked up at September is almost over.  Which gives me about a month til we are headed off for a week of Hawaiian sun.

So I’ve been scouring the internets looking for cute swimsuits and found the most adorable one-piece with a mini-tummy cut out by Lolli Swim.


I love bright colors with black & white stripes.  Love the contrast.

Red with b&w always makes me feel like I’m trying to look french, so I opted for royal purple and neon pink.

Because neon pink goes with everything.

I Read in Valentino…

I was perusing my favorite sites this morning, i.e. Refinery29, and one of their articles was matching outfits to popular romantic reads.

And what originally caught my attention was a gingham dress from Topshop for a characher in Jeffrey Eugenides’ The Marriage Plot, but then I came across this…

Red Valentino Maxi{}

This printed Valentino chiffon maxi was from Winter’s Tale, which is not a book or movie I would like to see, but apparently is someone I want to dress like.



Pair with some more Valentino and my book character is complete.

I need to be a book character.

valentine’s day essentials…


All I really want for Valentine’s is someone to rub my shoulders and a bottle of wine.

But here are some other gorgeous little necessities for the big day.


Normally, The Boyfriend and I are rather anti- NYE & Valentine’s Day.  A couple of my least favorite things usually happen on these holidays~ crowds, waiting and prix-fixe menus, just to name a couple.  Especially prix-fixe menus.

Waaay to picky for that nonsense.


{ bobbi pins from Anthro}

But this year, I had a change of heart; cocktails and dinner can’t be too bad.  Although I haven’t tried to make reservations yet, so maybe I’m being a little optimistic.

But my hair will look good while we wait; I’m thinking messy bun.

After an hour or so of cocktails and waiting for a table, “messy” will be inevitable.  I’d rather start with “artfully messy” than end with “cocktail messy.”

Oh Christmas Tree…

tree star


This was my first year to have my own tree.  And the thing about buying my own tree is that I can decorate it however I want.

Pink glitter?  Oh, absolutely.

christmas tree


So I’m a bit Girlie-Girl…


As I put together valentine packages for my little nieces, it dawned on me that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.

So I rifled through my drawer of 800 nail polishes of varying shades of the same color and put together a combo of mink and pink for the big day.

V-Day Nails

I must follow too many boutiques and fashion types on Instagram, because my feeds have been full of ‘What to Wear for Valentine’s’ type posts.  Red dresses paired with matching sky-high stilettos, crazy valentine’s manicures with glitter hearts or something equally outlandish paired with ruby-red glossed lips, and so on…and on.

While it may seem a little over the top to me, maybe it’s I who needs to update my outlook.  I do work in fashion, I should probably be more fashionable.

V-Day Nails-2

So I made my way to the Dior counter at Neimans.  I was explaining to the guy who was trying to sell me foundations that I don’t really like to wear much make-up.  “You know, like super sheer, non-existent barely tinted moisturizer.  Along those lines.”

I was then informed by this apparently well informed makeup man that I’m not getting any younger (ouch) and “it doesn’t hurt to slap a little paint on the barn.”


Valentines-gold ncklaces

{Chanel Rose Éclat; jewels~ M Elizabeth Designs}

While I did not “slap any paint on the barn” (I swear that will forever be ingrained in my head) I do have two pink nails and ‘slapped on’ some neon pink lipstick.

That’s all Saint Valentine is getting from me.

Must Have…Seersucker

My mom sent me a link to J Crew’s new swim collection.


I am normally not a terribly big fan of seersucker but I thought this was absolutely adorable.  But…

…then I saw it in pink.  I love the classic fabric mixed with the classic silhouette, I think swim suits are too revealing these days.

Oh, and the ruffles.  Sold…