Parties & Flowers…

After a long week of traveling and hotel rooms, it was nice to be home.

Although that only gave me 12 hours to plan a party for 60 that was taking place in our home Friday evening at 6.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, I’m what people common refer to as a “procrastinator.”  So around 11 I start making magic happen.  Stressful magic.



For me, the most important factor of a party is the flowers.  And the bar.  But aesthetically the flowers.

So I started with a little baby orchid on the mail table when you walk in…


gorgeously abundant hydrangeas in the living room (I loved the contrast of the vase with the white flowers)…


a spray of white tulips and budding magenta peonies in the dining room…

orchid & barley

and a huge potted white orchid & puggle (photo-bomb) to greet people as they come in.

peonies & tulips

As for procrastinating, I think it makes my brain work faster.  That and I’ll just offer you an extra large glass of wine so you won’t notice I forgot to buy napkins…


Flower Market

I think if I could live in a flower market I would.

{Artistic Flower Market}

I live across the street from this adorable little flower market but had never been in before.

But I was throwing an engagement party for my best friend this weekend and decided now was finally the time.

I want to move across the street and live there, it was like flower heaven…

I bought tons of all of my favorites, gorgeous pink and white peonies, orchids and hydrangeas.


{pre-party routine}

The Boyfriend and I went to a wedding of a friend last night and the night was absolutely perfect.  The bride was gorgeous and the reception was ridiculously fun.

I was channeling a 50’s vibe so I wore my favorite jacquard dress, winged my eyeliner and wore my biggest lashes (Winks by Georgie) to get the full effect.

Now I need another weekend to recover from this one…