parties parties parties…

IMG_0425Since it’s getting close to the holidays, as I mentioned below I’ve already started Christmas shopping for myself (I need to be put in Christmas jail), I’m hosting my obligatory trunk show.

Jewels as far as the eye can see.  And wine…


Champagne, Lace & Rhinestones…

The Boyfriend and I aren’t big NYE plans people.  I guess we aren’t big ‘planners’ in general but this year, we have a lot of celebrate so we decided to go out on the town.

tracy reese bib

{tracy reese peter pan collar}

After a discussion with my stylish friend in Los Angeles, I was informed I needed to wear something “sparkly.”  Apparently I am a little rusty when it comes to all things NYE.

So I went through the archives and found one of my favorite accessories, my silk and rhinestone, beaded collar.  Very NYE-ie.   Paired with a lace slip and pumps, I was ready to celebrate.

bib collar

Off we headed to a small BYOB italian place around the corner with some wine we bottled in Napa.

Oh, and some champagne.  It was a celebration after all.

Parties & Flowers…

After a long week of traveling and hotel rooms, it was nice to be home.

Although that only gave me 12 hours to plan a party for 60 that was taking place in our home Friday evening at 6.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, I’m what people common refer to as a “procrastinator.”  So around 11 I start making magic happen.  Stressful magic.



For me, the most important factor of a party is the flowers.  And the bar.  But aesthetically the flowers.

So I started with a little baby orchid on the mail table when you walk in…


gorgeously abundant hydrangeas in the living room (I loved the contrast of the vase with the white flowers)…


a spray of white tulips and budding magenta peonies in the dining room…

orchid & barley

and a huge potted white orchid & puggle (photo-bomb) to greet people as they come in.

peonies & tulips

As for procrastinating, I think it makes my brain work faster.  That and I’ll just offer you an extra large glass of wine so you won’t notice I forgot to buy napkins…


Party Time…

I love to throw parties (understatement) I found this great website for decorations.

I thought these paper garlands were amazing.  I stopped going to party stores a couple years ago because they kind of seem like oversized junk stores and instead started looking to Etsy to find handmade decorations.

But this site is amazing, I love all their garlands and their pinatas, especially in blush pink.

Perfect for my birthday party in May…


More Flowers Please…

For the party tonight I went to my favorite flower shop, which, fortunately, is across the street.  I did a mix of pale pink peonies, english garden roses, wildflowers, gerber daisies, orchids and hydrangeas.

After perusing bar carts on Pintrest yesterday, I decided to play around with mine.  I thought these huge roses would be perfect.


I have been planning part of a progressive dinner for a couple months, actually when I say a couple months I mean I just started yesterday.  I found out a couple months ago but am more of a last minute kind of planner and considering the party is on Saturday, I decided it was time to start thinking about it.

I went to Pintrest to get some ideas.  But I did find this bar picture which made me realize I have some work to do.  Which aside from my literal work to do, I know have lots to do.

So…procrastinating.  Good idea?  Probably not.  But I am great under pressure.


I have been reading about the girls of Rodarte everywhere so I thought I would wear some.

I had an engagement shower this past weekend for my best friend and thought this would be perfect.  Ballet bun, bow tie and some sparkles and I was ready to go.

Party Weekend…

I have been planning this engagement shower for a while now so seeing it finally come to fruition was so exciting…and overwhelming.

I didn’t have enough matching china to seat 20 people for dinner so I went the more Anthro route and made each table different.

I feel a little relieved it’s over.  I had been stressing a lot but the evening seemed to be a success.

Now time to plan the bachelorette party…

New Obsession…The Ruffly Owl ETSY


I am having a engagement dinner for a good friend in a couple weeks and I came across this vintage Paris map garland and think it would be gorgeous to decorate the doorframe with.

I just thought this was so pretty and delicate looking; it will go perfectly with tons of flowers, candles and champagne…