Beautiful Things Make Me Happy…


Haute Couture Spring & Summer 2014

Valentino SS14

Valentino SS14-2

Valentino SS14 Runway

Valentino SS14- handpainted floorsHand painted runway of the Rome Opera house and inspiration board for S/S 14.



Haute Couture Spring & Summer 2014

G Valli SS14

G Valli SS14- 3

G Valli SS14-2


Spring & Summer 2014

Elie Saab SS14-4

Elie Saab SS14

Elie Saab SS14-2

Elie Saab SS14-3

Cocktails…Homemade Cider


Last Christmas in Paris, The Boyfriend and I had mead at a holiday street festival.  It as like something out of a movie, twinkling lights, roasting chestnuts and hot cider.  Since we are getting into the holiday season, I’ve been looking for a good cocktail recipe to recreate what we had.

After looking for mead recipes, I found you brew it like beer.  And it takes about three weeks.  Well I’m not one to wait three weeks for a cocktail, let alone three hours so I found a replacement recipe that takes about 30 minutes (albeit still longer than I like to wait for cocktails).

cider- oranges

First, I baked oranges studded with cloves at 350 degrees for half an hour.  In the meantime, I heated apple cider laced with Maker’s and cinnamon sticks on the stove top.

The combination made the house smell amazing.

cider- pot

Once the oranges were done, I heated up everything and let it simmer for a couple minutes.  And voila!

cider- me

 I normally don’t act like I stepped out of the pages of Pinterest, but I wanted to try and make something to remind us of Paris.

And it gave me a reason to wear my “je t’aime” sweatshirt.



Top 5…Paris Fashion Week

My gorgeous top five from last week’s Autumn/Winter 2013 shows in Paris…

Alexis Mabille a:w 13

{Alexis Mabille}

Ulyana Sergenko a:w 13

{Ulyana Sergeenko}

Elie Saab a:w 13

{Elie Saab}

Maison Martin Margiela a:w 13

{Maison Martin Margiela}

valentino a:w 13


While in Paris I tried to convince The Boyfriend to go to a Haute Couture exhibit with me.  We didn’t end up going but we did manage to recently make our way to the official UFO Museum in Roswell on our way to Santa Fe.  Trust me, I don’t miss the irony in that one.

So I’m back to refreshing my french and saving my euros.  Haute Couture Museum in Paris, here I come…

Ulyana Sergeenko…Spring ’13 Couture Week

She’s interesting enough as is, but with her own eponymous couture line, she’s absolutely fascinating.

Ulyana Sergeenko

Fashion photog turned designer, married to a Russian billionaire…and her Spring/Summer 2013 collection is debuted in Paris this week.

Ulyana- ss13-1

She has a very pin-up 50’s aesthetic, like a Russian Grace Kelly.


I was obsessed with her Fall/Winter ’11 collection.; the long quilted skirts and tight cashmere sweaters.  A very babushka look with the scarf tied around the hair, long quilted floor length skirts and sheer cashmere sweaters.

Oh, Paris Couture Week.  Now that’s the trip of a lifetime…

Learning the Paris Metro…

paris map


I quasi-planned and mapped.  And it quasi-helped.

 Planning is something I normally don’t do when I travel, and if I’m being honest, I rarely like to plan much of anything.  But considering I have a half ignored Rosetta Stone and only a college level understanding of the french language, I didn’t want to leave it all unplanned.




Seeing as I live in Texas, I don’t know much about public transportation.  As I quickly learned in Paris, I actually don’t know much about it at all.  And yes, that is a bottle of wine in my shopping bag.

So day two, after learning on day one that walking in four inch heels is not my ideal means of getting around the city, The Boyfriend and I decided to brave the metro.  It was an intense experience, but then I came across this…

Oh, just a 12 piece orchestra.  The wonders of the world that I have been missing out on.

And now I know how to use the metro…

Packing for Paris…


Packing is one of my least favorite things to do, especially since I’m pretty terrible at it.  I always remember the things I don’t need and never bring the things I do.

A friend of mine has a similar distaste for packing, joking on her last trip she remembered her ball gown and roller skates but forgot her toiletries.


Thank god Paris will be cold, I finally get to wear things the 80 degree Texas days have been hindering.   So Christmas evening I will be wearing my grandmother’s vintage velvet Pucci maxi skirt.

Joyeux Noel…

Oh Rosetta Stone…

So let me tell you what is hard.

The Boyfriend bought me this for one of my birthday presents.  It was a hint that someone needs to be the responsible one when we go and actually know the language.

Side story: when I was in college, my mom made me agree that since Fashion Merchandising was my major, I needed to declare something as my minor that I could fall back on.  I guess her point was so I could actually make some money (such as business or something else equally zzzz).  So I actually managed to make it all the way through my junior year without her finding out I was studying French instead (which was not well received) and in the end I had to change last minute to PR/Marketing (also not terribly well received but more so than French) so I could still graduate on time(ish).

I know I wasn’t smarter in college so I honestly feel the french language must have gotten significantly harder in the last couple years.

Maybe traveling is more fun when you just wing it.  Who likes being responsible?

No one.

Hotel Au Vieux Panier

The Boyfriend and I have been planning a trip to Paris for Christmas time later this year.  When I got the mail today, this month’s Travel+Leisure had some amazing hotels but what really caught my eye was the Panic Room at Au Vieux Panier.

I became interested in street art when I was traveling to LA for work last year.  It’s not something you find a lot of in Texas, but in LA, it’s definitely more of an art.

The hotel is located in Marseilles’ oldest quarter and is designed by famous French tagging artist Tilt.  I could never stay in this room (panic attack) but I think it is absolutely incredible.  I like the juxtaposition of stark white and pops of color.