remodeling…blondie learned to paint

What I first learned in Painting 101 is it’s easier to hire someone else to do it.  Secondly, I learned I needed to make an appointment to have my roots done.

me painting2

After getting a quick lesson at the paint department in Home Depot, from the person who has since become my new best friend, I headed home to put my new skills to work.  Because after painting an entire wall with a two inch brush, I realized I needed a paint roller.  Life altering decision.  I would still be painting that room.

But regardless of my new paint roller owning status, painting is a tedious job.

paint utensils

Tape. Paint.  Wait.  Paint.  Untape.  Retape.  Paint.  Wait.  Paint.  Cocktails.

Cocktails to celebrate you finally finished a room.  And then a cocktail in misery when you realize you have to paint the next room.